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  1. Sorry forgot to state that I also turned router off and still received the same dropping issue. Thanks for the help though I appreciate it. :)
  2. Tried everything to rectify the Bluetooth problem, even tried moving my 2.4 ghz router from the room. Nothing is working, drops continue.. I found this thread that may help one of you if this is the issue. I think maybe my router isn't far enough, but unsure if this is even the issue, or an iOS 8 thing. http://line6.com/support/topic/14659-bluetooth-dropping-fix/ If anyone has luck with the above fix please post.. I'm Dubbing this problem "Dropgate"... :-(
  3. My router is a 2.4 ghz so I relocated the router to another room, turned anything off that used Bluetooth (computer mouse), and even tried disconnecting from the Internet while in the app thinking that maybe it's interference with other apps, or notifications coming through. Nothing is working the drops continue. Let me know if you have any other ideas about the recent problems with the amplifi bluetooth connectivity issues. :-(
  4. http://line6.com/support/topic/12778-amplifi-150-data-connection-continuing-issues/?view=getnewpost I too have a router in the room. I will try this fix as well. Unsure if I have a dual router though. If not then I will relocate the router. Please post this in the thread above too. It may help others that don't see this post. Thanks
  5. iOS 8.4 iPad mini 2 I too have same problem. I thought my older iPad (3 gen 30 pin connector) was the culprit. However, I believe it is iOS 8.4. I have always had this same issue, but not to this extent. For me it seems to lose connection when I am trying to recreate a tone. For instance, going back and fourth between music (so I can compare) and edit mode (pausing the song). When I play regularly this problem is not as bad. What I mean is I usually have the "no device" when launching amplifi app. I sometimes either reboot the amp or "forget the device" under Bluetooth, and repair. I agree this is not solid technology at this point. I plan on trouble shooting first by disconnecting my Bluetooth mouse that is in the room. Then disconnecting USB from the amp. Then I will try what was mentioned here about internet issues.. Hope it works at least while I am attempting to recreate a tone... Line 6 I hope is working on a permanent solution to this constant issue. Maybe Bluetooth isn't such a good way to connect to the amp, maybe add other ways to connect (USB AND CABLE, or copy chrome cast and allow me to stream over my intranet). I will post if any of the above works for me. I also agree that the whole idea of amplifi is to have Internet connection, but until something is done we have to figure out a work around.
  6. I Fully agree with your post. Ive been using Line 6 since the AX2 was introduced. Line 6 has come far with their modeling software. I have always found the lack of documentation a problem with them. While many professionals use Line 6 products, there are those of us that would benefit from proper documentation on specific products. Found a post from folks seeking documentation tonight before finding this newer thread. (Complete Manual? Started by HuntsvilleGator, Jan 29 2014 08:45 PM) I am happy with my AMPLIFI 150, however would like a great run down on how their semiparametric EQ affects each frequency. I have been reading all night (via Google, maybe buying a book) trying to understand EQing because I am trying to get a specific tone I've created just right. I am close, as my amp eq settings are where I want them (happy with sound but not quite estactic yet). I have copied the tone twice (so I don't overwrite original) and messing around with the semiparametric EQ ranges, but it's not sounding the way I expected. I have read that properly using such an EQ should lead to a perfect sound (at least to me). I hope to see more from Line 6 on this issue, and not another short video that doesn't help me with specific questions. I read this forum daily, but it's just not easy to find answers. Let me rephrase that; I find answers, but the answers are from other users with occasional Line 6 support person (I think, or maybe a pro on here). Anyway this is fine, but maybe documentation would seriously help some of us. Thanks I'll keep watching this post, hope a rep can lead us to the papers.. Cheers!
  7. Got it just ordered the longboard not the Express version. Thanks again... I appreciate all the efforts..
  8. Thank you all for your feedback, I will be purchasing one of the FBV foot controllers. Thanks again.
  9. Ok, I love my amplifi150 as a practice amp. However, I want a pedal board to control my unit. This may not be correct forum, but my question is. Is the FX100 my only option to save my tones for use without wifi? As the amplifi150 only has 4 presets without app. Or is the fx100 redundant? I just want to know if purchasing the fx100 pedal board is worth the investment to create and store my tones? Basically, I am confused about the two products and their interactions (amplifi150/Fx100 pedal board). Do these two products work well together, or completely different.... I have yet to find a forum that only talks about the two devices and their relationship. If you have found threads reugaurding these two products please advise.. Thank you... For any help...
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