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  1. I took it apart and found out that there was charring along the preamp out jack. Does anyone know where I can buy I new board?
  2. As in the effects I am running through? It doesn't have an effects running through it currently.
  3. Hello, I have an issue with my first gen HD100. When plugged into my 2x12 Avatar cab, even with the master and channel volume all the way up, the amp is extremely quiet. It is still making noise and working but it isn't even as loud as a 5 watt amp. I have already tried changing the power tubes to a matched quad of JJ 6l6s and that did nothing. I am pretty sure it is an issue in the preamp stage since when I plug my guitar into the "poweramp in" I can get loud volumes out of the amp. Just not when running through the normal input... anyone have any ideas?
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