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  1. i have problem just like Just Startin...i bought it 3 days ago,why Line 6 doesn't solve this problem
  2. help me ... I do update flash memory my POD HD 500 X from version 1. 10 to version 1:20, when in the middle process, appear notification in line 6 monkey "POD HD 500 X updates failed, firmware update times out waiting for response from the device, try the update again, making sure the cable are still connected "then I tried over and over but can not always do the updates and notifications always appear the same, now I have a problem, in the LCD appears a message "Flash Update", I tried to turn off my hardware power but after reboot back to "Update Flash" .. I have tried to do a hardware reset by pressing the left arrow button navigation, but does not work ... please help me to solve this problem .... sorry, my english so bad
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