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  1. Its now 6 days since we lost the use of our AMPLIFI equipment... some were lucky enough to have the older back up software version available, or didn't happen to have auto updating enabled on their settings - and for those lucky few, things are OK (although I see posting from Brad saying distorted settings seem to be altered) ...but for the rest of us it has meant our product is useless... The definition of reasonable is always cloudy, but I believe that 7 days would be considered a reasonable length of time to either fix the faulty version, or re install an old software version so that we could use the product we have paid for? I have written under separate cover to Line 6, as I believe there is a fundamental flaw in the way this has been handled, and it has left me with a very bad feeling about this product if it can be so easily left un usable...affecting my livelihood as a direct result...
  2. I assume you had auto app updates disabled? my ipad is not working ipad 64gb wifi +3g.... doesnt seem to follow the comment that ipads are not affected? anyone else got a functioning or non functioning ipad?
  3. Tony appreciate the update. Is there any idea of timeline on a fix..like most people I believe, I don't have backups that happen after every automatic app update (as Amplifi did) so I dont have option to restore. It currently leaves me with no AMP for my gigs (as I sold the old one when buying this one) so this is a big problem for me....
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