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  1. Any amp model before the IR's? or just Acoustic > Helix >Acoustic IR block > Maybe some reverb? Very interested in plugging my Takamine into this to test it out.
  2. starbuck77

    best I.R'S

    I bought some Ownhammer IR's, but quickly became paralyzed by the number of options that you are given when you buy them. I then bought a some 3 sigma IR's, you don't get as many files with each cab type but they are all pretty usable. I also don't like the naming conventions for each file that Ownhammer comes in, I know you can change the names but it's just one more thing that I really don't want to do. Nothing particularly wrong with OH's, but there is a lot to sift through, which can get time consuming (for me)
  3. So you're 100% correct. I think that is absolutely what what happening, same with the reverb. I spent more time tinkering with it and I got a really amazing tone out of one of the IR's I loaded in, adding the EQ after the IR block, and just messing around with knobs until something sounded like a tasty treat. I think all this just my learning curve and figuring out how all this works together. I appreciate your (and everyone) help on this.
  4. you did that at the end of the signal chain correct? Yea I noticed that also.
  5. more updates... did a global reset, didn't do much. Also, I installed some ownhammer IR's, one more question. I Started a new patch, if I add an amp, then drag the IR down from the main path to the split path it sounds fizzy. Is that normal? I was testing if the volume/muffled sound went away and with the IR on that lower path it sounds very bad. Do the IRs not behave like the cab's in the helix? I was expecting that the volume would increase when I dropped it down there, instead it got very distorted thin, and tinny. I'm hoping this is user error. Also, the IR's sounded MUCH better in my headphones than from coming out of my ASM-12....is that normal? I like the helix but I am experiencing some issues that I am just hoping are my fault. Thanks guys!
  6. I'd actually be interested in knowing this also if someone knows how to do this. I'd love to try some IR's but it sounds a difficult to sort it all out.
  7. Update - so, I noticed that the volume only increases if the signal is split after the cab, would that make sense under any scenario? also, notice that there is a wide volume difference between amp/cab types by default as I am cycling through them using the joystick, is that normal? With my volume at the same spot as I am cycling through them, there is a huge range in level of volume...normal? Thanks!
  8. When I got it last week it had 2.01 loaded on it already. Is there a new patch out past that version? @Karis - I'll check out that template and see what the situation is if I use that. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. All the patches I created were brand new patches, not edited presets. I created a new patch with the amp, then added a separate cab, same situation, fairly muffled when on a single signal, I added a second cab that split the signal and things cleared up, and sounded very, VERY good I might add. There has to be a simple explanation to this.... Could this just be the way it is? If it wasn't for work I'd spend all day playing around with this thing, all things considered it is really good. The Helix replaced my HD500x, which took me forever to get decent patches made, and I loathed messing around with it. I'll prob keep it because it's worth more to me then then what it would sell for on craigslist but I really don't see it getting much use except in a backup situation.
  10. thanks for the note back, I actually noticed that even if the reverb (or separate cab which I replaced the reverb with) is off the signal completely, meaning its just the amp and cab on the main signal its muffled as well. At first I thought this was just how it is supposed to sound, until I added something else to the chain and that separate path was created. Again if I add anything to the signal that I create a second path that's when everything clears up. This can't be the way its supposed to be....can it? I feel like this has to be something simple that I'm overlooking. No idea why it clears up only if there is a deviation in the signal path, I am keeping these patches as simple as possible intentionally until I get a feel for how everything works together and to make it easier narrow down the troubleshooting of these types of things... My setup includes strat straight into the Helix into a Friedman ASM-12 (which does sound good). Nothing else in the chain at all. I am really confused lol.
  11. Hi guys, just got my Helix last week. Have a quick question. So when I create a single signal path the path sounds fairly muffled. Only thing in the path is Amp/Cab combo and a reverb. If I move the reverb, or add anything to the path that creates a split path the volume is increased all around and its not as muffled. I have tried this with multiple combo's of amp/cab combos and amp + cab combos and its always the same, a single signal path is muffled and the second I bring something down that creates a split path the volume goes up and its not muffled... thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!
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