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  1. Unfortunately I have to report a very similar issue like dieterstoll. I bought the unit one year ago. After one year of normal operation, I suddenly experienced the screen freezes a few times. Sometimes I also get the "Error: App Returned With Status 1xx" message at boot (don't remember the number any more). Once I also observed that the unit suddenly rebooted itself while having a gig. Fortunately all the channels stayed open. To be honest, I don't trust the device any more. In case I have a marriage ceremony, I fear that it migth suddenly crash. That would be horrible!!! Additional I would like to mention that when I bought the unit, first it turned out that channel 6 sometimes suddenly became active, even when nothing was connected. I immediately returned it to the dealer and got a new one after 4 weeks :-( !!! Not to talk about the issue that I can operate the WIFI stick only on channel 1 (no other channel works). Event though it is the Samsung stick that is recommended by Line 6. The support was unfortunately not able to solve this issue. I'm really disappointed, even though I like the the possibilities that the M20d offers very much. But always having some kind of trouble with a device for which I payed about 1800 EUR is not fun at all. :-( Could somebody from the Line 6 team at least tell me what I can do to speed up sending/returning the unit and not having to wait 4 weeks again. I have a gig nearly every weekend! This hurts very much at the moment! Apart from that I read that dieterstoll got the unit back with just a SW update. Great!! How can I avoid to get it back with the statement "everything works fine"? Unfortunately there is no way to reproduce the issue. Sometimes it happens at boot, sometimes after a few hours and sometimes not at all. Regards, Bernd
  2. Thanks for your detailed response. These things are all clear to me. I know that when I use "existing network" I have to have a router that is doing DHCP etc. . This is all fine. But it is exactly one of your last sentences: "If the network broadcasts on channel 6, it'll be channel 6 etc" that I cannot confirm. As soon as I put the router to a channel other than 1, StageScape does NOT connect any more! BTW: The reason why I would like to use the "existing network" mode is, that the standalone mode unfortunately is very unreliable (on any channel). Sometimes it takes minutes until the iPad connects in this mode. The "existing network" mode works much better and the iPad imediately reconnects.
  3. Today I've received the Samsung stick that is one of the recommended WiFi sticks. It looks like when setting M20d up to use an existing WiFi network, it is only able to connect to WiFi networks on channel 1! I tried different channels but was only able to connect the M20d on channel 1. When using the standalone mode, all other channels work as well, so it is not an issue of the stick. Is this a known issue? Has somebody else experienced this?
  4. Thanks for your quick reply! Maybe you could solve your microphone Problem by switching the iPad and the Wifi Stick to 5 GHz Band. Both should be capable of. Than it would no longer interfere with the 2,4 GHz Mic Signal. Regards, Bernd
  5. I'm planning to buy an iPad to use it with the M20d. One important thing for me would be to know how long it takes until the iPad reconnects to M20d when the iPad screen is unlocked by the user. Or is the connection immediately back as soon as I unlock the screen. Or even worse: Do I have to type in the code every time I unlock the screen? Background of my questions: For example if somebody talks into the microphone an there is feedback coming up I quickly need to turn the corresponding fader down if I'm not at the M20d. Of course I could use the feedback destroyer ... I know :-). But just as a scenario ... Would be great if somebody could give me feedback, thanks!
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