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  1. komododragon

    Line6 Tonys Warning..Back up Custom Tones

    Announcement: Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets...... I've just read this post and in it Tony mentions backing up your Custom Tones.....Ive searched the forum for instruction on how and on what device to do this on but can't find any info.....I use both OIS and Android on my Amplify 150's....Any helpful instruction please...
  2. komododragon

    Amplifi TT

    I'm just about to buy a TT, as I have 2 150's....I'm fairly new to the forum, but cannot agree that the forum is not for trouble shooting.......In Line 6's words............"Explore our forums where tens of thousands of other users talk about Line 6 gear and help each other." Help is the operative word here. ​In the abscence of any step by step readable instructional material, which appears common place today on many products...we have to interchange advice and knowledge wherever possible. So please don't disappoint me, as like many others I'm mature but do not have a great knowledge of tech.....I am however doing my best to get my head around it and enjoy it. Sorry I can't help with the problem, but one thing I can reassure you of is that when you mentioned 'Surround Sound" I knew exactly what you meant by the term.....so we all have 'some knowledge'... Really hope you find an answer.....
  3. So...... My first post, and I'm new to Line 6 Products, and have just bought 2 Amplifi 150's 2 weeks ago, one for me and one for my Partner........ I downloaded the Apps, one on the iPhone, and one on an iPad, respectively independent on each Amp. Hassle from the start, with Amplifi loss of connectivity whenever either one of us tried to edit a Tone, despite the Device indicating Bluetooth was still connected..... Now I have downloaded iOS 9. Why not...... Considering all the advertising jargon from Line 6 clearly states iOS compatible. How could I, as a user, have known the Amplifi App would not cope with an update.? I don't expect to have to read any fine print, in fact there is none, having prior to purchase, watched the Line 6 videos, talked to my Dealer, and been convinced this was a great product. Yes, it is, when it works......... But, the ability of Line 6, to be ahead of the Game, and communicate with their Customers (Yes, that's us, because we throw money at their products, they exist....) their performance is very poor. Line 6 push Product Registration so, why not a Global email to Customers, to warn not to update yet........? Why, from the UK, do I have to phone Germany for Tech Support, and at what cost........? This isn't a rant, it is constructive criticism of, what should be Grade 1 Customer Support, for an excellent Product. It falls way below that. Why does the present Tech loving generation accept that Apps fail, and Technology is not consistent, clearly, if you had a Washing Machine that failed this many times, it would be going straight back for a refund, so why accept lame excuses.....? If you are going to market, and produce a product as good as the Amplifi, then you need to be ahead of the game....... Line 6, You need to take note....... I'm keeping these Amps, I love the concept, but I'm also considering a secondary Android Device as a backup, for when Apple pulls the great updating shenanigan, to find everything has changed........ Can any of you Guys out there recommend a Tablet that the Amplifi Remote App, and Bluetooth works well on......? As I'm exclusively Apple Mac at home (generally I love them....) I have lost sight of how the competition is doing. Any help, gratefully received. Comments for Line 6..... how about a hardwire connection, or your own unique Remote Device, or better still, an option to connect with a LapTop........ Enough said for a first timer, but I've never been so excited, and at the same time, desperately depressed, and frustrated at the performance of a fantastic piece of kit........ The Amplifi 150.........