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  1. Sounds like you have a problem. Contact me at nevillepearson1@gmx.com. Or call 0786451025. Or wrote to me at 31 Camborne Close Whitleigh Plymouth Devon PL5 4PE (England) Neville
  2. Can someone please take me through the whole proves. I have Pod Farm and Reason Limited with my UX2. And an inline Midi Interface. And a Roland PC160-A midi keyboard. And two USB slots at the front of my Asus Erssention Series 'Vision' Desktop PC. I have open and closed back stereo headphones. Acoustic and electric guitars. A Red5 powered condenser microphone. Plus a very good stereo system with phono inputs. Many thanks.
  3. I think Line6 are appalling. I have a lIne6 UX2 with Pod Farm and Reason Limited. Whatever I try I can't register or activate my Pod Farm UX2. it fails. They say the codes are on the disks. Others say the codes are on the packs that the disks come in. The number on the back of my UX2 fails when I enter it. Does this mean I can't use my system? I paid £159 for it at Vibes Music in Plymouth Devon England. They also sold me an inline midi interface to go with my Roland PC160-A midi keyboard. The idea of that was to let me play the Reason Limited sounds. My PC is an Asus dual Core desktop 'Vision' with two USB sockets at the front. Any ideas please? Thanks, Neville
  4. Edirol make good nearfield desktop powered monitors, small, quite loud, good stereo image. JBL; do too. A pair of large old English Tannoy speakers with a powerful amp will give good results (quite flat) if you have the space. Speakers need to be isolated from connecting surfaces. Spiked stands are a good idea. But the acoustics of your listening room make a lot of difference. Many people monitor on a variety of systems. That way they get an idea of how the mix will sound in different peoples homes. If it sounds good on a ghetto blaster and a hi end monitor, it will probably sound good anywhere.
  5. Will my Line6 UX2 work without registering and activating? When I type in the number at the back of the box registration fails. My version has Pod Farm and Reason Limited. There are only 2 disks in the box. I bought mine form Simon at Vibes Music, Plymouth Devon England. How do install the software? Initially I want to monitor over headphones. Will the software install automatically when I pit the disks into my Optical Drive? My PC is running Window 8, I think. There are are two USB sockets at the front. It's an Asus Essentio Series 'Vision'.I did consider exchanging my gear for the cheaper UX1. I'm used to tape based recording on multitrack tape machines with mixing desks.I have set up a Line6 account as the YouTube video says to do. But when I go to the account, nothing is registered. My email address is nevillepearson1@gmx.com I want to add vocals to backing tracks with overdubbed acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass, and other Reason instruments. I also have an Inline Midi interface and a Roland PC160-A Midi keyboard. How do I set that up to play the Reason sounds? I also have a small Roland Cube practice amp with it's own effects. With a Line output. Can I DI that into a line input on the UX2? My microphone is a Red5 phantom powered condenser. I have a cheap Aria Fender Strat copy with a active pickups. A Martin and Taylor handmade Spruce Top steel string acoustic guitar. An Epiphone Gibson 335 copy.. And a nylon strung classical guitar. I play most styles. Rock music, , modern jazz. I like Led Zep, Genesis, Allan Holdsworth Joe Pass, , Fingersyle folk music, Clean electric sounds and very smooth sustained electric soloing sounds. Even crunchy heavily distorted 'Heavy Metal' stuff. And once I have recorded some tracks, how do I master them? After mixing down to a file? Can I produce MP3's? What kind of blank CD's do I need to produce copies to send to record companies and give to friends? Does the software include CD burning software? It's best if you reply here and also to my email address, as I'm not sure that I can get bet back onto this forum. Many thanks. Neville, nevillepearson1@gmx.com
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