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  1. All this technobabble is beyond me. All I know is that when my Helix says my guitar is in tune, it is not correct, and I confirmed this by using other tuners. I can't tell you numbers-wise what the offset was, but it was enough that I was frequently finding myself out of tune with the rest of my band. If it's an issue of granularity, they having the option of increasing the granularity display would be most appreciated. Right now, its a bit of a pain and gives me tuning anxiety during gigs because it's enough that it's noticeable, so even after I tune, I usually have to tune by ear against my other guitarist to ensure that everything is good. I have neither the time nor the interest in doing extensive testing to identify or provide evidence of this issue. But it's an issue for sure. I just want to plug in, tune, and play. Never had a problem with my HD500 so I know Line6 can make a reliable tuner.
  2. Just received my Helix over the weekend and have been having fun playing with it. Overall I am loving it, but I have one frustration, and maybe I just have overlooked something in the manual, but is there a "non-edit" mode that disables the ability to edit the preset?
  3. Sorry for this post but do I need a separate account in order to vote? When I try to vote it takes me to a log in page even though I've logged into the forum...
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