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  1. Thanks for that. The more I read, the more I've been focusing on the physical footswitches themselves. I've noticed that buttons A and B don't 'click' like the others and just tapping my finger firmly anywhere on the body of the unit is enough to trigger the unit to switch to channel A. Sounds like there are a bunch of defective footswitches out there!
  2. Hi, I've recently bought an HD500X. I played a gig the other night on a stage with a fair bit of vibration and the HD500x kept on switching from whatever channel I was on, back to channel A without any input from me. It's the first time there's been an issue with this at all. As I always set channel A as my clean rhythm sound, this was problematic, especially during solos! I've flashed the memory but I'm thinking it may be something to do with the sensitivity of the actual buttons themselves. To recreate the problem, all I need to do is tap the metal casing of the unit and it will flick over to Channel A. Anyone else had a similar problem? Cheers, Mark.
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