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  1. Hi! Many thanks for you reply :) Well, i know that i'll have just 5 presets for each bank with the stompbox mode On but honestly it's not absolutely a problem for me... I'll probably buy the FBV later (without selling the FCB that i'll use for other gears) but right now i'm going to use it for the next live shows etc... If you have some tips after your experience with this controller i would really appreciate your help! Thanks again anyway! Nick
  2. Hi! I'm trying to configurate my FCB1010 (UnO chip) with the software but i can't really make it work with my gear (Pod Hd Pro X). Do you have any guide that could help me? (already checked on the UnO website and also on Line 6 forums but unfortunately i didn't find something that helped me) or maybe a working Sysex file for the Pod HD Pro X (or also the Hd Pro) that i can send to my Fcb1010 ?? Many thanks in advance to everyone!! :)
  3. Hi! Yes, the connection is not a problem, i have the FCB since different years, the only thing i think that i could have done wrong is programming the FCB with the Uno chip maybe...!
  4. Hi! Many thanks for your reply :) I already checked the topic you linked before asking...i'll probably try with the FCB1010 Uno editor software and see if i can achieve a good result.. Actually the problem is that i have the list of the cc of Pod Hd Pro X (ex. FS1 = CC51) but the unit doesn't "communicate" correctly with the FCB even if i send the same CC value with the switch...can't understand why actually but i hope the editor will help to set everything more easily.
  5. Hi! I just bought the Uno chip for my FCB1010 to control stompboxes on my unit (Pod Hd Pro X). I actually have the advanced manual for the Pod Hd Pro X and the edit software...i also have the Uno manual but unfortunately, even if i tried several times (also looking for some tutorials on the web) i haven't been able to set it up correctly... (and this is quite frustrating <_< ) Could please someone help me maybe with a step-by-step guide on how to configure it? Many thanks in advance to everyone! Nick
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