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  1. Thanks much for your responses. Makes complete sense. I am loving this amp more than just about any other I have played. My POD HD500x arrived today but I am going to focus on learning the amp and topologies before going there. I say that, but my guess I will be plugging it in later tonight (just updated the firmware on it). My DT25 was manufactured in later Dec 2013 so it already had the updated 2.0 firmware on it. This is a great amp. Adam
  2. Hello everyone, The guy in the brown truck just delivered my new DT25 and I am pretty excited - been reading these boards for the past week or two as I evaluated. I have a POD HD500x also showing up later today. But quick question for you. As I started to play, I noticed a pretty considerable volume discrepancy with channels 1 and 3 (quiet) compared to 2 and 4 with all of the other settings being the same. Is this the way the channels are setup or should there be this significant a volume difference? Thanks in advance, Adam
  3. Hmm, this concerns me. I'd like to know the answer here as well. Thanks, Adam
  4. Scott, It's working on mine - you use the up and down arrow buttons to scroll to the bank (1-25) and then use the A-D buttons to select the specific tone. It works fairly well and I have gotten good at remembering which bank is which sound type. And the iOS app seems to do a decent job of catching up and showing the updates on the fly. The only time where things get un-organized is when I turn off the iPad and turn it back on again. The pedal still works great, but the iPad refuses to reload (says downloading on the screen) all but the first few banks. I sometimes have to quit the app and restart. But the pedalboard is great. The only button that I can find that doesn't have an application is the Function 2 button. Enjoy, Adam
  5. I just purchased a LeCover for my 150. A little pricey with the premium fabric and back pocket, but looking forward to seeing it. Until then I am using a ratty old cover from an old Peavy amp... Adam
  6. Hey everyone, Purchased a Amplifi 150 over the weekend and the FBV Mk II Shortboard today. Enjoying both a lot. The firmware update for me took almost 90 minutes BTW... I looked thru the forums but didn't see an answer to these two questions: 1) Is there any purpose (at this time) for the "Function 2" button on the pedalboard? Everything else works as intended (including the tuning screen where some folks noted it was haywire in the past). 2) Is there any need to update the firmware on the pedalboard? I frankly don't know which version is on it, and seeing everything is working (sans the Function 2 button), just curious if there were any new features. You know, if they made the ability to control the transport (play/pause, previous/next) of the music playing on the iPad with the FBV, that would be AWESOME. Thanks in advance... Adam
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