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  1. Absolutely have to hand it to Line 6. They are putting a major effort into making this right. I must commend Sweetwater for handling my returns "hassle free" too. You made some Interesting observations... I was the original poster of this thread. I moved onto Helix Floor after going through two LTs, each in less than a week. Following up what you said about the Helix Floor's toe switch... I have played my Helix Floor professionally for 1 1/2 yrs now. A few months ago, the toe button stopped working (changing from EXP1 to EXP2). The Helix is so flexible that it was an easy work-around to assign the wah to a snapshot. I learned that, for me, this is actually a better way to do it because you can also roll back the "input bias" on that snapshot making a more authentic wah (to my ears). My Sweetwater rep called me a few weeks ago to ask how all my gear is working and I told him about the pedal. He had a replacement floor sent to me. I now have a new Helix Floor (that works perfectly) but I continue to use the snapshot method of activating the wah. I can still step on the toe switch, if I want to activate it that way, but the snapshot immediately activates the wah, along with my solo delay, while turning off the volume pedal and rolling back the bias. I would recommend everyone try it that way and save some wear and tear on the toe switch!
  2. I didn't say there was... I said that after having two in a row break on me, neither lasting even 4 gigs, I no longer trusted the design.
  3. Well done Vlad! Way to be pro-active! I didn't trust the LT build anymore and paid extra for the Floor but this looks like it will last!
  4. I have some of these tweeter horns and I want to install them in my PE60s. What I can't find in the discussion of this mod is what value the capacitor should be. Would this one work? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!
  5. My dealer has been very co-operative in exchanging the units. I am no longer an LT owner, they split the cost difference with me on an upgrade to a Helix. The pedal design is different and, hopefully, more hardy.
  6. Well, I'm sorry that you guys had this issue also but it does confirm that it's not all me. I used the LT the same way I used my HD500x and the HD500 before that and it wasn't strong enough to get through four nights.
  7. Not a smart solution at all. I don't have room for another exp pedal on my board. Also, I'm not gonna pay $1000 for a piece of equipment that is too delicate to use! I answered my own question and already ordered the real Helix. 1806
  8. It is so weird that I am the only LT owner that has had this issue. After looking at the inferior build, I know that there is no way that it is gonna last for me any amount of time in the manner I am using it now (as a 75%-100% volume pedal on every patch). I play 2-4 nights a week on average and the first one made it three shows, this one made it four. I'm about 165 lbs and I don't stand on it or anything, it takes a lot more pressure to activate the wah than my HD500x did for sure. It broke completely loose from the chassis (that it is only anchored to in two small points) and does not seem repairable without either welding or getting a new chassis. My Helix experience has been awesome. Love the sounds, it's easy to create usable patches, etc. My LT experience OTOH has not been good. This thing seems to be very flimsy and the metal is not strong enough to hold the EXP pedal without bending and, eventually breaking. I wanted a Helix forever but couldn't justify the cost. Then I ordered the LT almost as soon as I found out about it. I've already purchased some IRs as well. I don't want to go back to the HD500x sounds again after having Helix for six weeks. At some point they will start making me send it back for service instead of giving me a new one. At some point, my warranty will end and they won't fix it. So, I guess if I wanna play a Helix, my only real option is to go ahead and bite the bullet and buy the big Helix. (which I just did, it will be here Friday). I'm in way too deep to get out now :(
  9. I bought a Helix LT about five weeks ago and used it for about three gigs before the EXP pedal broke. It felt like it came loose at the axle and seemed like an easy fix but it was under warranty so I just swapped it out for a new one. I've had the new one for two weekends and again it broke on about the forth show. This time I peeked inside the chassis and I saw that it is not an easy fix. It is actually broken off completely from where it is anchored, which is about a 1/8" thin strip of metal on each side of the pedal. I can send this one back too but I want to know that I can get one that will last. I played HD500 and the HD500X for the last 6-7 years and I never had an issue with the pedals. Now I've gone through two Helix LT units in less than six weeks! Anyone else have an issue like this? 866
  10. +1 same issue here... unable to update flash memory on my new HD500X
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