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  1. Even if new firmware will have 200+ new amps, I'm more than sure what somebody will still complain: "why line 6 did not model my favorite <amp name>???"
  2. Well, I'm trying to think positive. If everything else except scribble strips is "tour grade" then it's good. I could always use good old sticky tape as scribble strip on top of broken scribble strips display. :D
  3. I'm from Ukraine. I've already contacted official vendor and they could repair this screen quite quickly. However, as I said, I feel this gonna happen again, as seems like this is common Helix issue. So I will wait few more months and replace this corrupted screen and (hopefully not!) newly corrupted screens. This one black line does not annoy me much, however this does not correspond with statement "tour grade equipment" at all...
  4. Same for me - vertical black line on one of the scribble strip after 2 month of usage. I don't want to repair it now, as I think this gonna happen with few more screens after some time, so I will wait and replace all broken screens at one time. Shame.
  5. Nevermore - Narcosynthesis - ReAmped with Helix DI used: Reaper Project with all reamped tracks: Helix Amps used: 1. Brit 2204 + Helix Cab (4x12 Uber V30 + 4x12 Greenback20) 2. Cali Rectifire + Helix Cab (4x12 Uber V30(421 Dynamic) + 4x12 Uber V30(121 Ribbon)) 3. Cali Rectifire + OwnHammer Cab (Bogner Standard 4x12 with V30) 4. German Ubersonic - + OwnHammer Cab (Bogner Standard 4x12 with V30) All amps boosted with TS808 Only rhythm part reamped - solo is a part of the backtrack.
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