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  1. You might be on to something. I'm definitely picking up some other funny noises/radio stations/etc along with the motorboating. I'll report it to my amp guy. Amp at the repair shop -- no. Amp in other physical locations -- yes, but not since I've gotten it back. Definitely something I'll check. No noise when I do this. After some more testing, this has to still be an amp problem. The HD causes the noise more than anything else, but I do hear it very faintly with the amp turned up very loud without the pedal. Guess it's back to the amp guy and maybe L6 to get some info on what about the circuitry might be setting it off so bad. Thanks everyone. If I ever figure this out, I'll let you know.
  2. I'm not saying it's L6's problem...I'm just trying to get information at this point. Tracking down the root cause may be a process that requires me going back and forth between L6 and my amp guy a few times.
  3. First, let me just say... UUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHH. Still not fixed. Now that that's out of the way, here's what went down. Took my amp to a repair shop and they found problems that they were able to fix. ALL weird amp noise is totally gone now when I plug my guitar straight in. However, the original issue still exists (see first post) in exactly the same way. I tried all of the same tests and more. I also tested the pedal on a small combo amp and didn't hear anything unusual. I'm borrowing another amp tonight to test again. Unless you guys have any other suggestions, I'm thinking it might be time to call Line 6.
  4. The plot thickens. I replaced the tube. Didn't help. I lightly tapped on each of the 12ax7's -- On V1, I could hear the tapping through the speakers like it was a microphone. I could hear V2 and V3 faintly. I've read that if a tube is that microphonic, something is wrong. I tried switching tubes around...same issue. Also, the sound is now faintly coming through even when NOT connected to the pedal, which leads me to think that the problem is getting worse the longer the amp is run. Either way, looks like I have to track down an amp specialist (unless you guys have any other ideas). Unfortunate end to a weird situation, but thanks again for the pointers everyone.
  5. I pulled my tubes and found a 12ax7 that is rattling. I'm gonna go grab a junk replacement and swap out to see what happens. Stay tuned.
  6. pfsmith0 -- thanks a ton for the guidance. Ironically the Mesa head is the only thing in my entire gear collection that I bought used, so I guess it would be no surprise if the tubes were done for. ...and if that's not the case, new tubes won't hurt anything but the wallet. Thanks again.
  7. Yes. I'm gonna take the HD to a local shop and hook it up to another amp and see what happens. Other than that, I'm at a loss, short of just opening up the HD to see if something is visually wrong (which I doubt. it's newer and has been babied).
  8. Nice work, especially on the acoustic emulations. Pretty convincing!
  9. With two different speaker sources, things are bound to sound different. Assuming you've considered that, here are a couple things to check... Plug those headphones into a headphone jack for the speaker system you're using (if possible) to see if you're getting the proper tone there. This would help determine if it's a speaker system or setting. If it's the same bad tone, check your POD output settings -- hold the "view" button, go to screen screen 4, MODE should be "STUDIO/DIRECT"
  10. First, thanks for jumping on this guys. I SO wish it were that simple. I've tried many cable types and brands. Seems like the issues wouldn't be specific to the POD if that were the case, but I will check out the tubes. Thanks for the pointer. Yeah, several cables -- shielded & not, angled and straight, long and short.
  11. Hi all. Weird issue here -- I have a newer HD500X and when I plug it into my Mesa Single Rec half stack, I get a crazy loud pulsing buzz. Works great when I run the same line out to my audio interface This buzz happens whether the line 6 has power or not, and with all cables or just the line out plugged into the amp input (both L & R). I tried multiple cable brands/lengths, all the way down to 5'. I tried different pedals and had no issues. I tried flipping the physical switches on the HD. I tried multiple outlets in the house on different breakers. The house is newer and we've never had electricity flow issues. Unfortunately I don't have any other amps to try, but I can always run down to the local Music Go Round if it comes down to it. I've been running live multi-effects setups with amps for years and never experienced anything like this. Video clip below. Anyone have any suggestions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R3fIg1iJDc
  12. In 5-8 mode, yes it will send CCs. I don't know how you achieved CCs on ABCD mode/preset switch. I'm pretty certain that ABCD mode only sends a pre-assigned PC and won't send any CCs assigned to any footswitch until AFTER you have entered the preset. After a half day testing variations, that's what my tests (and duncann) have confirmed at least. Not that it matters for my use...PCs worked just fine. Are you asking a question or just trying to understand what my issue was? This was resolved using PCs - see post #6.
  13. RESOLVED thanks to duncann. Recap -- With the HD500X, you CANNOT send control change (CC) messages on preset change, but predefined program change (PC) messages are automatically sent from the HD every time you switch presets. For us live rig guys, this means that if you have a device like the Voodoo Labs Control Switcher or an amp that accepts midi, you can program amp channel switching based on the PC it receives when the HD preset is switched.
  14. I think that's the part I wasn't understanding -- that each present has a specific PC permanently assigned to it. I'm pretty sure I can work with that. I'll try it shortly and report back. Thank you again!
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