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  1. Terry, Are you prohibited by contract or IP bound not to release any technical information about the SV-pre? I can understand if you are then we won't see anything, schematics, construction, BOM, nothing from you. But if you're not prohibited then could we start with a BOM and a schematic for the original SV-pre? THanks
  2. In MINT condition. Anyhow, I guess I have the Mk1. What's the difference between the Mk1 and MkII? My Mk1 sounds sweet, probably needs new tubes but it still sounds great.
  3. Guess what? It's not limited to the valve line. My IV-120 goes all kinds of stupid when I plug in headphones. It becomes unuseable. Here's the scary part. It's done the same full retard thing twice without headphones. I'm concerned it will stay in full retard mode one day. This is purely a software issue, it has nothing to do with hardware so it should be 100% fixable. So where's our 2.01 firmware? (in my case) Ps> there's no way I'm letting newer firmware anywhere near my spider valve 212 which right now works perfectly
  4. Well I returned it to the store and they didn't believe me when I told them it ate pedals. So, they destroyed two MkII shortboards and 2 Express boards before I got my refund. I'm still going to be a member here as I bought a 212 valve in pristine condition for a song. I can't beleive how sweet it is. My Vox valvetronix have met their match.
  5. I missed adding something important to my original post. All this sick amp stuff is happening when I have the earphones plugged in. I removed the earphones from the jack and the amp is 100% fine EXCEPT for the FBV MKII. I plug it in and I hear a distinct click or two, probably from a relay, but I get no lights, nothing. I have tried 2 different CAT 5E cables with the same result. Nothing but a click when I plug the FBV MKII in. I also have an origianl FBV MKI (no USB port) and here's what happens when I plug it in. All the lights flash briefly and I get the number 6 in the display then it disappears.If I wiggle the cable a bit I can get the WAH LED to light up. That's it. So, the amp pedal section is all messed up, right? Or maybe even more stuff is toast? I'm not impressed with Line 6 so far. If it turns out that my almost new Spider has killed two expensive pedals I will be really pissed off and never buy Spider again and make it a mission to keep others from giving Line 6 money. Is writing this in vain as I don't think there's a lot of activity here?
  6. My new,( just a few days after I can return it to the store for exchange), Spider 4v 120w seems sick. I bought a FBV MkII from Amazon and plugged it in, it lit up and I ran line monkey, I updated from 1.04 to 2.0. I reset both before the update and after the update. Then my problems got worse. I now have to use the reverb knob to get any volume with a variety of songs. Sometimes I have to turn the auto, phaser or tape echo knobs to got any volume with a variety of songs. This is all messed up, right? Last week the amp was sweet, I set it on anything and it was loud and responsive. Then, before the update it was little weird which I put down to dirty pots (I know, new amp, pots shouldn't be an issue). Now I plug into the FBV MKII and it won't light up. . Sorry, all the tuning lights are flashing dimly.Then I plug in the USB and the monkey doesn't see the amp or the FBV MKII. Please tell me that I just have to do a hidden button reset or something. If I have to take in for service I'll cal it junk and throw it out and never buy line 6 again. thanks
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