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  1. Hi Tommikoo, Unfortunately both the AUX and the GUITAR INPUT jacks are mono, not stereo. The Mod that musicmannetje mentioned, creates an input in the cicuit at the master volume dial right before the final amp so than you have 2 channels (Left + Right) available. Only one thing I 'm a little worried about is blowing up something in the ax2's circuit, seen the fact the new output and input plugs have no protection against overvoltage from e.g. an un-earthed device that gives the amp a voltage peak as you insert the jack connector. I blew up several amplifier input stages by connecting a PC to a home stereo. (Yes, I know I should have earthed the PC first) So I personally would mod this mod with some extra resistors, capacitors and rectifier diodes to protect the ax2 against that. You could also consider connecting the two AX2 speakers to a normal amplifier and skipping the ax2 amplifier head. It is not a lot of work connecting a simple (domestic) stereo amplifier between your X3 and the AX2 speakers. There are some small amplifiers on the market that are only amplifiers. However, if you start to know the AX2 I expect you are going to love all the different amplifier and cab simulations. So you can create and save a setting that sounds neutral to you. Line6 did a good job back then. good luck from the netherlands
  2. That really is a nice job. I did some work too, I separated the amp and made a wooden housing. Now I 'm planning on building a new speaker cabinet to go with it.
  3. Misicmannetje, thanks for your message. You inspired me to dive into it and create an interface on an old laptop. I wrote a little programme in good old visual basic which sends sysex to the AX2. My setup: Korg NanoKontrol -> laptop <-> AX2 laptop is a winxp with MidiOX installed and visual basic. Took me some time to understand the sysex and to get the laptop to send the right sysex code. (fortunately I do have the Line6 midi specification) The values were somewhat difficult to understand, with the nibbles and all. Now is to decide what I want to controll and I'm ready to go. I already have the big line6 floorboard with the two pedals and quite a lot of switches, so there already is a lot of things taken care of. Maybe I could use the wah pedal to controll other functions like chorus depth or speed for example. Do you maybe have any further ideas? To put it in an arduino could be a next step in the future. However, it could be difficult to connect the Korg nanocontrol to the arduino, considering it is midi over USB... And a nanokontrol needs hands to operate, hands which are already holding a guitar. Then I'd rather build a little floorboard with an arduino and some switches in it. I already have some piano damper pedals lying around and a volume pedal from my GEM WS2 keyboard with a potentiometer in it. Arduino could read the analog value and send the proper midi code to the AX2
  4. Hi Kazoom, thank you very much for this post. I'm gonna do this mod too, (as I'm already opening the amp to eliminate the digital rattling noise that comes from the speakers even when the master volume is turned all the way down.) So the schematics will help me with that too!
  5. Hi musicmannetje, I have an AX2 as well and I was just thinking of building some kind of interface to control the AX2 through an arduino and/or laptop. I'm curious how you connected and programmed your arduino to send the right midi-codes to the amplifier. would be nice if you want to share your experience
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