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  1. andysimmons

    Same FX loop in both Path 1 and Path 2?

    So I can't have a pedal in the FX loop affecting both paths? I want a two amp set up with my HX effects that has an octave down in one path but the distortion on both... Path 1: In--------------------------------------------->FX loop 2 (Distortion)----->Output (Amp 1) Path 2: In------>FX loop 1 (Octaver)----->FX loop 2 (Distortion)----->Output (Amp 2) If not I assume the best work around is have my octaver pre-HX.
  2. andysimmons

    HX Effects toggle El Capistan 'favourite'?

    Hi Team. Looking to pair my trusty HXe with a Strymon El Capistan, but the thought occurred to me: Using the amp/ext pedal jack out could I control a favourite setting on the El Cap using the HXe? Like instead of using Strymons own proprietary favourite/mini switch?
  3. andysimmons

    HX Effects: What is the maximum power draw?

    I believe its around 1.1 - 1.2A.
  4. andysimmons

    HX Stomp Product Idea?

    Haven't used one but Disaster Area are quality reliable products. The guy behind them is an avid HX Effects user too - he has a video on youtube showcasing the HX with one of his larger loop& midi switchers. I meant more to promote the use of MIDI rather than USB control. Not sure why you're averse to midi control? The helix family has comprehesive midi control options. the USB does have midi functionality though.
  5. andysimmons

    Bass combo as a helix “frfr”

    Hey guys. HX Effects user here with a growing interest in pairing it with a Stomp. I have a fender rumble 500 bass combo. If I bypass the combos preamp by plugging into effects return, could I use its power amp and 2x10 speakers as a usable “frfr” for guitar sounds using helix modelling? Advice greatly appreciated.
  6. andysimmons

    HX Stomp Product Idea?

    Kinda already exists but via midi.. https://www.disasterareaamps.com/shop/dmc-micro
  7. andysimmons

    Line 6 HX Effects - Rubber Feet Removal

    I took off the rubber feet, put the screws back in, and attached to my board using this method. https://origineffects.com/2017/01/13/the-smart-way-to-attach-origin-effects-pedals-to-your-board/ She ain;t budging.