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  1. I have the same issues on my 59...I get these incredibly annoying almost feedback sounds from certain notes. The neck on mine is great, no buzz, intonation is set, I am a luthier and have been building guitars for about 30 years. I do a lot of service work for the locals here as well. I also play in a pink Floyd tribute act and i really need to be able to switch to acoustic without using a Gracie stand and an acoustic guitar. I love the guitar and think the tele and strat tones are good, I use those mainly, but the acoustics are rather disappointing. I also use the Helix with this guitar and have not really found a good method using eq to dial it out without really messing with the overall tone. Are there different saddles that can be used? the other issue is the plinky noise when using the les paul and strat sounds. On the Low E and A strings, sounds like the Pickups in the saddles are getting an overtone. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you all...
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