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  1. Thanks for your help. As far as you told me I were allready ;-) Get no signal on the multimeter... wether the multimeter is damaged or I made a mistake. I'm not new to soldering, volts and polarity... still no effort on my amp head. Could it be possible that the pcb board, where the jack is soldered on the front, is damaged??
  2. Hi! I have a question: I'd like to place the guitar input jack at the back of the amp head. Best solution would be a 2nd jack at the back. I opened the amp head allready for cleaning and tried to solder a guitar jack on the input jack. No success... drilling for the back hole is no problem, soldering as well no problem. But how to solder it to make it possible? The original jack is a pcb jack with 6 connectors. No idea about the polarity... is it a trs jack or not? I have a trs guitar jack and a mono jack here. What connectors of these 6 should i use to get it working? Greetings from Austria
  3. Totally missunderstood ;-) For example... i create a tone at home on the pc, take my helix to the tuning room where the amp is and it sounds completely diffrent. Is there a way where i could add an effect block or play with the global EQ to have a good solution? Maybe I could come close to that with a good IR? The sense for this way is to have not the double work. For me it's clear that it sounds diffrent on both setups. At home is no amp available ;-) Or maybe a software solution what emulates the amp with the cab? Regards
  4. Ok sorry for my bad info. My chain is the following: Guitar -> Helix "Guitar In" -> Helix "1/4" left" -> HD 100 "power amp". Sounds made 100% by Helix. No additional tweaking on the amp. Only presence and volume. I never tried the 4CM because I have no amp at home. Pease correct me if the 4CM could lead me to my goal. My goal is to edit the helix sounds at home with a EQ or something to have almost the same sound as in the tuning room. If it's a effect block or just global EQ it does not matter much. Maybe a good IR could lead to the goal as well. As I told I have not really an idea how to have similar sounds at home and in tuning room.
  5. Hi! 1.) I use a Line6 HD 100 with a Marshall 1960A cabinet. The Helix is plugged on the backside of the amp into "power amp" to jump over the built in sounds. Is it possible to add global EQ settings or add an effect block what makes it sound like the amp and the cabinet? I have no idea how to make it but it is important for making sounds at home and not in the tuning room. 2.) What are good EQ settings to have a powerful sound and to get not blown away by bass, keyboard, drums and voice with the gear above. Thanks for help.
  6. Hi! Please can anyone help me to get a tone like Europe The Final countdown album and maybe from their song girl from lebanon specially the guitar intro with the looooong sustain getting into a slight feedback. Thanks
  7. Good info so far but not exact what i wanted. In the tuning room i use the line6 spider valve hd100 amp and a marshall 1960a cab. i just need a block what sounds similar like that to make setups at home. usefull could be IR from the cab. in the amp i use no effects because i use the direct in at the backside.
  8. Hi! How can i make a setup to make the helix sound similar as used in the tuning room with an amp? At home i have no amp so it should sound straight similar. Greetings
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