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  1. You are way too far off the topic. We all are glad to get updates and for sure more glad that it‘s still free. No doubt. No one talked about this. Just changing the COMMUNICATION politics was a „request“ nothing more or less. We just want to know how the development is going. We are interested in the work!! For god’s sake is it not possible to give us just this info. IF the update (in future) should be paid it‘s ok but with this politics for sure a no go. ;-) Never ever think L6 is bad or whatever. The have done a very good job over the years and still do!!!! The products are nearly perfect! The customer service is perfect. What‘s the problem then? Just the damn info what we are expecting to read. Keep cool and think again what we are talking and what you understood maybe wrong. ;-)
  2. When did I say that? ;-) I know how it works. You just did not understand my message. ;-)
  3. That‘s right, an exact date was never given but a period of time. This period allready passed and still not much info about the delay. It‘s known that they work hard enough to release it but if you find time to post in social media about the new features and how great it is, then should be a small amount of time to post as well a small status update. I don’t know the internal rules or the internal communication. Maybe there sits the „problem“. There are surely users who refresh the page every 5 seconds. My constructive criticism is just to change the communication politics. That‘s all. No one should feel personally attacked. ;-) Diffrent users, diffrent people, diffrent opinions. I‘m not used to it to see how the communication to the world outside L6 is. Maybe that‘s the „problem“?
  4. Just an idea to calm down the users and to the risk to get kicked out from the forum: L6, I know it’s a hard work, I know you missed the release „date“. Or let’s say it was more complicated than expected to release in time. Much users are waiting for the update daily, hourly, minutely or some maybe secondly. The software update surely works near perfect on it‘s release. Overseen small bugs are normal. WE ALL APRECIATE YOUR WORK!! NEVER FORGET THIS PLEASE.!! WE ARE GLAD THAT YOU STILL DEVELOP NEW FUNCTIONS AND MAKE THE BEST EVEN BETTER!! What about a special offer for HelixNative (I am talking about for free or a extended time limited usage or just 10 or 20 bucks) for all the waiting customers, for the delay and for the sparse infos and as well for teasing us since January? It is just an idea, nothing more and for sure NO request to do something. If there comes nothing.... well then it is as it is. I don‘t know how important satisfied customers are for L6. Hopefully no one is stinky right now. I can not post this in ideascale ;-) Oh man this sounds like a works Council :-) Do you have a job on helpdesk or customer care? :-))) Nah, forget it, I would harm the company....
  5. Strange... I am long time Helix user and had never that behavior. There are a few possibilities for your issue. Let‘s collect the thoughts... Maybe the Helix is on it‘s CPU limit? I would make a backup, reflash it and restore the backup. Next to test is: Use HX Edit, save your patches, one by one and reset the Helix. Then restore just one patch and test it. If it does not work out, note ALL settings from the patch and create a new patch... different name, different bank and use the settings again. It‘s hard to say what to do... maybe a more experienced user have other hints to try?
  6. 1x Variax JTV-59 1x Helix 1x POD HD500X 1x HD100 Amp and Cabinet
  7. @rd2rk You wrote what I thought. Thanks man. !! @jjharris The page is surely great but since I am user and owner of serveral Line6 products I would expect to get infos here from first hand in the official forum from official employers and maybe later somewhere else in other forums ;-)
  8. Warranty (in my case) is allready gone and I know what I am doing, don’t worry ;-) The post was just speculation... nothing more.
  9. A little bit offtopic but Helix related: I disassembled the Helix to clean and attach the decal. Something very interesting came in my way. Look at the photo. The main CPU sits on a detachable board. IF (just speculation) Line6 releases a Helix II, there could be a possibility to upgrade the CPU... if, if, if... It can be done by experienced users or by Yamaha service partners. ;-) Just an idea.
  10. Really? I did not know. Please if someone from line6 reading this, don’t give attention to my words. Sorry guys
  11. Nice and good BUT typical Line6 behavior to give no info. Why informing waiting customers? It does not make a good picture my friends. We do not want it right now if it‘s not finished, we just need COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION.
  12. @Digital_Igloo The small changelog looks promising so far :-) Hopefully you have any further news for us soon. In your first post you wrote „don‘t go looking for it“. We did not look, should we now look away? ;-) Just joking... keep cool and thanks anyway for your effort behind the big wall of silence.
  13. I know... testing as well ;-) Siri told me the right date... just tried it
  14. I had it 2 times since 4 years... switch off, wait a few mins., power on and the error is gone. ;-) could be possible to do it twice
  15. :-) just joking... if it’s not ready it makes no sense
  16. tempus fugit... just saying ;-)
  17. Thank you :-) Just imagine: Downloading and installing the firmware, press one button and => reboot or bad sound or backup incompatible... oh man THIS would start an avalanche of freaked out messages...
  18. iOS 13 will fix it.. oh, damn we are far away from the topic....
  19. Maybe they are testing a lot that we, the users, get an almost bug free update. If the programmers are in the U.S., their working day has started 2hrs ago. Here in Austria it‘s almost 10pm... 21st is in 2hrs ;-) Let them do their work. If it’s not today or tomorrow, it will come anyway. That‘s the way the cookie crumbles ;-)
  20. Nope... 21st is tomorrow. Just saying...
  21. Thanks man! :-) On the bass I did the same :-) The guitars are next
  22. While waiting for the firmware, I disassembled the helix, cleaned it and used the chance to give it a new colour. To anyone who wants to try this: Dont do that within your warrany and dont do that if you dont know what a screwdriver is!! It‘s not hard to do as long as you KNOW what you are Could be a nice idea for the Line6 guys. Some kind of personalization, limited editions or whatever ;-)
  23. @cruisinon2Well you can thank god that my first born is allready 20 ;-) Otherwise I would rip your skin off like a hot potato. ;-)
  24. Dear Digital_Igloo, is there a way to help you guys with software/firmware testing? I could offer Helix firmware testing, because it‘s in daily use and in live use as well. Not for now but maybe in future? Regards
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