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  1. We don’t want to know when... the date is almost clear... the users just want to see from time to time a status update. Nothing more. Keep your feet on the ground and don’t lift off like a rocket. You could avoid those questions and threads COMPLETELY by, AS ALLREADY TOLD, posting status updates. Nobody talks about daily updates. Just communicate a bit with us and inform us. You sit in the office while testing and trying... you see the effort every day or get reports from the programmers. For god‘s sake let us ask how far it went allready. Development could be a lot faster if you would switch to open beta. Everyone who wants to test can test it and report the errors. Be glad that customers have interest in your work and we appreciate what you guys developed over the years!!!
  2. You did not get the point. We are NOT talking about what the Helix allready can or what the Helix can do in future. We talk about the FIRMWARE release teasing and nothing more. Helix is allready very good in all options. Not any doubt about it. Just the behavior of L6 and the information politics is the „problem“. ;-)
  3. Just don‘t lay my words on the scale. AROUND 1000 does not mean straight 1000. It‘s every year the same and Line6 did not listen to us. From time to time a small status update and we are all in good mood. Or better don’t tell us in January. Just release it and give a changelog and that‘s it. Not that hard to make. ;-) If the features free or not I don’t care. It is a lot work to make a firmware no doubt. Nice to read would be: Finished beta testing. ReleaseCandidate is in internal testing. A few more days to test... or whatever.
  4. Oh man, take it a bit seriously please. See it from an other side... We all paid around $1000 and get just a small info since a few month. It‘s like you wanna meet a friend and get told: „I have time in spring“.
  5. Sure for the feeling but not in calendar.
  6. I want to ask digitaligloo how far the firmware allready is developed. We are all waiting like tigers for their meat. Can you please give the community a small info if it‘s in plan for release soon or will it be delayed? 21 days left and spring is over. Greetings
  7. To be honest, we should all keep our head down because we get a free update with a lot of changes ;-) As Mr. Igloo wrote, there is thanksfully a little money in the background what makes it possible that way.
  8. I mixed nothing ;-) Line6 = 6 in a line = 666 The pure evil LOL But I dont care.
  9. It‘s not a problem so far. I use the HD100 amp with the power amp connector to leave the modeling on the amp as it is and not use it. For the Helix i created effects as you would normal use. For example: Helix input, distortion, amp simulation (no cab or IR) and out to the amp. Currently I use it this way but with the upcoming 2.50 version it‘s possibke that the legacy section gives a good sound as well to quit using the amp sim. Or maybe amp sim and legacy... I don‘t know yet. Single cable method is prefered as well and the sound is good. For sure the guitar is a big part of the sound as well ;-)
  10. I use a mission sp1-l6, a boss volume pedal and a no name from thomann. all work fine but the mission is the best one.
  11. Mr. Igloo could you give us a time how long could it take. Within February or later? Would be nice ;-)
  12. Come on Mr. Igloo give us a possible release date. People need to leave the computer to go working, make the household, look after the kids, and so on. For us Helix users is the controversal update the elixir of life :D :D :D If some users agree maybe the cradle of life :D :D :D What's for sure: 2018 ;)
  13. Not really ;-) Is it more comfortable to follow this thread http://line6.com/support/topic/18284-latest-helix-firmware-250%E2%80%94coming-soon/ to get an email notification when the update is ready?
  14. I want it too ;-) Someone from Line6 told it will be released shortly after the NAMM. Are we talking about days, weeks or month? And of course it depends how far the beta is. Maybe or hopefully we will get an answer soon to solve the riddle ;-)
  15. It‘s diffrent yes. Maybe I wrote wrong. Simply Helix can not update the Variax. Monkey sees the Variax connected to PC via Helix ;-)
  16. Right! With Helix (2.21) you can use Workbench. Monkey sees the Variax but can not update the firmware. I guess it‘s a USB MIDI problem on the Helix. Maybe some wrong MIDI adresses‽ Hopefully Line6 makes it possible to open Helix firmware for future Variax firmware updates. ;-)
  17. Partly true... monkey recognize the variax connected through helix to update but there is (in my case) a midi error when starting to upload the firmware.
  18. A litte noise is ok ;-) This is too much... way too much.
  19. No lights near the amp or near me while moving around
  20. I am located in Tyrol, Neighbor of Salzburg ;-) I know what you mean.. just let me explain why I use anyway the modeling on the HD100. Running the front input gives me a warmer and brighter tone and of course a fast way to use the EQ. The Helix is good but there is still a diffrence in the sound. EQ can not be easy controlled. Maybe I am using too much of these things and it sould be really the power amp connector. My ears are open for a good solution or maybe just a hint how to get out the best sound what is possible. I agree, the wires inside could catch an extra signal. They are double shielded but who knows. What about using the ground shift buttons on the Helix or the amp? If this does not work, the solution is clear. Deactivate the connector at the back and that sould it be. Strange and still a miracle: Why just with Helix and diffrent guitars that annoying humming?! If the guitars are connected direct to the amp (my newly installed port or the original one) there is silence... pure silence. Just as it should be. Greetings
  21. This is a very useful info to the users. Everyone can read now that it goes forward in a good way. Please write us users more infos like this one. Beta testing is not more that far away from release than alpha ;-) Now everyone please don't ask them anymore when it comes. You can allready see it on the horizon. Line6 support / management / progarmmers: What if you put out a public beta? The chance to get good bug reports are way bigger with diffrent users and of course diffrent scenarios. Public beta is always a difficult thing but not impossible. You could have a faster and much more bug reporting than in your laboratories ;-) Next step then is LISTEN to the users :-D
  22. Now an other "problem" starts suddenly appearing. I play with the Helix over the clean channel of the amp. Connecting the guitar direct to the amp... no noise... Connect with the Helix and then to the guitar input. The new made or the original one, brings up a big and disturbing hum. NOW the joke comes... if I play direct in front of the amp with the back turned to the amp... no hum... just turning a bit on the side it hums. I guess it could be the ground... I try the ground shift of the helix next time and tell more then. If the amp is equiped with a ground shift or not I am not sure. Well, isolate the ground wire on the cable does the job as well. AND yes, taking away the ground on the amp is a dangerous, I know ;-) Just for testing. Biasing is a dangerous thing as well ;-) In this case I know what I am doing.. These are just thouhgts from where the hum could come. Tried serveral guitars with and without wireless and of course with diffrent cables. Always the same. Greetings from Austria
  23. Finally I did it. Line6 you are insane... Right after the guitar jack starts the digital modeling. Why making design like this? Thanks to the service manual with all schematics...
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