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  1. I'm new to the HD500x and initially I wanted to use this so that I didn't have to bring an amp to gigs. I tried playing through my Bose L1 and while I can pull it off at restaraunt gigs, I've decided I just can't match the tone and presence of a real tube amp for my bar gigs. So...I'm happy with using it with my Fender Hod Rod Deluxe, but have discovered that I like it better without using the amp modeling, just using effects like reverb, distortion, etc... I love my stage sound now, the problem lies with the PA/recording. I'd like to go from the HD500x straight to the mixer. The sound though, through the PA isn't very good. Is there a way to get amp tone through the PA (XLR) but not through my guitar amp? We record with the mixer as well. I could mike the amp, but that is obviously not my preferred solution.
  2. Well funny thing is I'm sitting there testing and reading and it isn't working. I decide to go ahead and call tech support. While on hold I pull up a preset and add wah. Guess what? It works! So no idea what would make it STOP working in existing presets, but if I add it to one it'll engage. Won't shaving the rubber void the warranty?
  3. Mine is only a couple of months old, and the Wah was working, but now just stopped out of the blue. It just won't engage. I emailed support 3 days ago and haven't received a reply. :(
  4. I have a POD HD500X and the Wah has been working fine. All of a sudden, at a show, I step on the toe to engage and nothing...no Wah. The light doesn't switch for EXP. The VOLUME portion still works with the pedal, as in some of my presets have a volume and the pedal works for that...but turning on the Wah isn't working, and YES, I'm pressing hard enough.
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