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  1. Thanks for the reply. Was hoping to avoid pressing the footswitches over and over and over to navigate banks. But I'll eventually have all the tones I want located pretty close together, so no big deal.
  2. I think this is being caused by upgrading my iPad to iOS 9. I've read about bluetooth problems associated with it. I upgraded in order to run the Amplifi app. My iPad is getting pretty old.
  3. Hi all, I just bought a Firehawk FX and had a question about changing tones and banks on the iOS app vs on the pedal itself. When I change tones on the pedal, the app will reflect the change and highlight the active tone. However, when I change them through the app, the sound will change, but the pedal does not reflect it. For example, say I have the pedal set to bank 1, tone A and switch A is illuminated . Then I scroll down and choose tone D from bank 4 in the app. The sound will change, and the pedal's LED display shows the correct name, but switch A is still illuminated. If I then step on any of the other footswitches, A-D, the tones default back to bank 1, or whichever bank the pedal was last set to through the switches. So I effectively can't change the bank in the Firehawk app, and then choose a preset tone from that bank with the footswitches. Is this normal?
  4. Thanks, I may try that. I just played through it tonight and didn't have any issues disconnecting. But then I made a point not to hit pause and play on my backing track. I just hit the loop button and let it repeat while I jammed and tried to figure out songs.
  5. Update: I deleted the Amplifi Remote app and reinstalled. Now the app seems to be working except when I pause and restart a backing song. Every time I do this the song will not start and the bluetooth connection is broken. A few times, it would reconnect on its own, but eventually it won't. I have to go back into bluetooth settings and reconnect the devices. I turned off Auto Tone Load in the app settings because I thought I read somewhere that this helps. But every time I start a new song, it is still loading recommended tones. I even tried turning off WiFi to prevent the tones from loading, but it doesn't matter. The bluetooth connection is still broken when I pause and try to restart a song. I have also turned off notifications from every app on my iPad, and have no other app open when using Amplifi Remote. ???
  6. I'm having an issue with my new Amplifi TT and the Amplifi Remote app. I have an iPad running iOS 9.3.5 and the latest Amplifi Remote app v 2.60.1. I just downloaded the latest firmware to the amp today (I think 2.50.2). I can't get the Remote app to work at all. When I open the app, it will connect to the Amplifi, but then quit after a few seconds. I've tried re-pairing devices, rebooting, nothing helps. So the amp is basically limited to the first four preset tones that are accessible on the front of the amp. No song streaming, no tone matching or editing. Very frustrated with this. I love the tones on the first four presets, but I bought this to stream music, play along, and look for tones on the cloud. I'd hate to send it back. Can anyone help? I've seen some posts on this, but they reference older app/firmware versions and I couldn't find a resolution.
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