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  1. I was wondering if these 2 can be hooked together and how would you go about it? I'm thinking about getting the Revv G20.
  2. I have 2 of them and was wondering if they would work with the new G10S receiver.
  3. I can barely see the left side menu with my Surface Pro 3. The text is tiny. Any ideas?
  4. Awesome!! My brothers band is opening up for you May 20th at the Lo Kai. See you then!!
  5. Just got a great deal on a QSC K10 with the carrying bag from GC. From what i've heard the K10's are great. Couldn't pass it up. Anyone else using th K10's?
  6. When I bring up the Helix App I can barely see the text. Is this normal for everyone? It literally is about an inch and a half wide and the font size is tiny. Is there a way to make it full screen size?
  7. Where can I get a replacement lightning cable?
  8. Yesterday at rehearsal I decided to use my DT 25 without the 500x or M9. I programmed it awhile back with my favorite amps and wow it sounded awesome. This amp amazes me as a standalone which I will be using a lot more. I love the versatility of the dream rig!!
  9. I'm running windows 8.1 and when I try to download the flash it wants to open the app store to find an app to download it.
  10. It won't let me download the flash memory. I had to download the workbench through the download page and it still says the old version.
  11. If they come up with an app for Windows, I could be tempted. Everything I own is Windows.
  12. I've had this guitar for about a year now and thought it was something that would loosen up over time. I was wondering if this has happened to any other 59 owners and what is the best approach to fix it?
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