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  1. It's complete! Very fast, took minutes! Successfully completed all post-update steps. Paired ok, iOS app shows correct FW version and loads presets in edtor. Thank you very much! I'm just happy!
  2. After restart it begun to flash with A B C D. Ok, I was ready to this. Restarted it in Update mode with Utility. Update now HAS PROGRESS! Hope it will finish well
  3. I wanted to do exactly same, but was not sure about sequence. Ok, thanks, trying
  4. A B C D lit (not flashing), bank preset is empty. I didn't cancelled anything yet. I'm wondering how to do it safely
  5. Thanks for replying! Yes, I do. But how to restart safely?
  6. Two hours passed, still no progress. Application is not frozen, menu is working, but no progress =(
  7. Hello! Upgrading my Amplifi fx100 to 2.10.00, first time (from 1.01.0). Installed Utility, plugged it in USB 3.0 port (Windows 7 64 bit). Launched in firmware update mode. Pressed Next in the update utility. Seeing "Update In Progress. Do not turn off or unplug your device at this time". Progress bar is empty and it's saying "Installing firmware update...". One hour passed with no changes. How to cancel/retry upgrade process without a risk of having entirely broken device?
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