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  1. Yeah. It's dumb. The manual says that 4CM is the "most flexible way" to hook up the HX Effects, but in my opinion the ground loop issue makes it unusable in that configuration without a hum eliminator. The hum eliminator takes up space and adds cables to the board, and isn't that what we were trying to eliminate in the first place?? In my opinion, a ground lift should have been included on one of the FX Loops in order to make this simple and usable. That said, I still love the unit and use it in my FX loop with analog drives. Since I am 98% preamp distortion it doesn't really affect me in most applications.
  2. I'm trying to reproduce a sound from the H3000, the "reverse shift," specifically. The Soundtoys Crystallizer does pretty much exactly what I'm looking for in my DAW, but I was hoping there was a way to get it going on the HX Effects. Anyone have any ideas? For reference, check out the beginning of Smashing Pumpkins, 'Starla.' Thanks!
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