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  1. Yes!!! The app is such garbage. I also lost about 6 months of usage when an apple iOS update rendered the app unable to connect with the amp. Using touchscreen to make minor tone adjustments is just a nightmare. The irony of all of this is that I wanted a semi-portable and loud Amp to be able to play along to backing tracks and I am now just lugging around my laptop and POD UX2 and using the headphone jack. The amplifi has essentially become a glorified bluetooth speaker, great for parties, but not much else.
  2. Errgh I have this as well, iOS 11.1.2, remote 2.60.2. don't know the device flash cos the app won't connect to the goddamn amp. As usual, absolute terrible software support by Line 6, why on earth did I buy this amp - they way oversold their userbase and tech support for this product line.
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