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  1. To be able to use wah and volume pedal, you are right that you'll have to use a slot, so you'll be left with 6 if you're gonna use both. But you can assign those two effects (Wah and Volume pedal) to your Expression pedal through the toe switch. *Hold enter while having your navigator on the wah/vol pedal then assign to exp toe switch*
  2. Aaaaand you solved it. Thanks mate! Didn't know about that! Ha ha ha! Does it also work the same way when arranging analog effects in a pedalboard? Thanks again! I also do like trails for swells so I did the same thing. Thanks btw! Thank you for a very informative answer. I wasn't into physics but that really enlightened my innocent mind. Lol! Cheers!!
  3. Hi guys! So far, I have no problems with my POD HD500X and I actually found my desired tone.. but I only noticed that as I lower the volume through my expression pedal, the gain seems to decrease too. Is that normal? I just don't find it hurting the tone especially when doing swells. Is there any way to fix it? I hope you could help, guys. TIA!
  4. Hey, Palico! Thanks for helping me again. But, uhmmm.. I'm kinda confused about Delay in Gain or Gain in Delay. Sorry, It's just my first effects processor so I'm still new to this. :3 Btw, the signal chain setup is.. Noise Gate > Classic Distortion > Sub-octave Fuzz > Pitch Glide > Volume Pedal > Digital Delay > Amp & Cab Sim (Treadplate) and of course, the Looper. :)
  5. I tried adjusting the mix and I think it did the job, thanks for that. But yes, the delay feedback seems a bit thinner than the actual note I hit. Do I have to add more bass and treble for it to sound the same way as I hit a note? Thanks!
  6. So, it's me again and I'm still a bit new to this. I have a POD HD500X and I've been using a digi-delay with the rat (classic distortion) and I find the delay volume so loud. And because I got it just last thursday, I'm still wondering how to adjust it's delay volume. I tried messing with the mix and fdbk and I don't think it changed anything with the volume. So, is there any way to lower it's vol? Btw, I'm using my POD HD500X direct to earphones since I don't have a powered monitor and my 10-watt amp sucks! :( Any help would be much appreciated*
  7. SirRis

    I NEED HELP! :(

    I think I'd better be posting my question in a new topic. Lol thanks, guys!
  8. SirRis

    I NEED HELP! :(

    Got it. It made me feel so dumb. :( lol! Thanks agaain, mate. Can I ask another question? :)
  9. SirRis

    I NEED HELP! :(

    I have done the calibration and am pretty sure it is calibrated. Thanks, btw!
  10. SirRis

    I NEED HELP! :(

    Thank you guys for the feedback! Oh, I see! I have the Vol in the end of the signal chain! My bad. Could that be the reason? I'll try it then. Thanks, Mr!
  11. SirRis

    I NEED HELP! :(

    So I'm a bit new to this. Got my POD HD500X yesterday and been having fun with it. Problem is I can't get the expression pedal to do swells! I'm using a classic distortion for sustain, reverb and a digi-delay but whenever I hit a note, turn the pedal to toe position, and turn it to heel position (for a new note to hit), the sound also cuts off and it's so frustrating coz I play in a church band. I want to be able to do swells seamlessly. :( Is this normal? Is there any setting I should change to make the sound continuous? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
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