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  1. When you save the patch is the delay on or off? Make sure it is in whatever state you want it to be in when recalled, when you save it.
  2. And I'm so sorry for going on about having something I purchased from line 6 that doesn't work for hundreds of people right out of the box. I'm guessing that line 6 has a lot of "users" that defend them on these forums as do a lot of companies who need people to say good things about them.
  3. Three support tickets opened genius.
  4. And if they only worked!!! Crazy I know, but I really would like it to actually work. I'm so
  5. Good for you...I bet you sound awesome!! Lol
  6. Maybe it solved your problem but it did not solve mine. It is not a software issue. And as I have said I have no faith in line 6, I use their crap to practice with never to play live, I don't play live with cheap crap.
  7. Harsh? What's harsh is selling something for that price that does not work. I have been using their stuff for 15 years also (never live because they aren't good enough) and when they are less than $500 it's one thing, no harm no foul, I can just throw it in the junk pile, when you want to charge what legitimate companies charge for a product the one thing it needs to do out of the box is work. It does not. Save your line 6 homer comments for one of the other people who can't afford good equipment.
  8. And why would anyone attack them? It's not like they sold something for $1500 that basically is a paperweight and consistently does not work right out of the box....oh wait, yes they did!!!
  9. Yes many people have experienced this and worse. Complete volume drop out. Line 6 removes many threads and replies to make it look like it's an isolated problem. When I spoke to Line 6 they told me they had never heard of this problem although I have spoken to many of you via private messages who experienced the same thing. They currently have my helix, will no doubt replace it with another that will inevitably do the same thing. My advice to you is to get your money back and wait for a legitimate company to make something comparable that will actually work.
  10. So here is an update about the Helix cutting out completely, requiring a reboot while playing live. Line 6 was going to replace it, I waited a week and a half for UPS to pick it up. Then Line 6 reopened my support ticket today and said "Hey Jim, hang tight, we're not replacing it but will be trying to get to the bottom of it thru firmware updating (keep in mind the past 4 updates over the last 2 months have done NOTHING), so hang on to your $1500 unusable paperweight and we'll let you know if we ever get it right!! So anyone who would like to join me in a class action lawsuit please contact me at James dot Siegel at Verizon dot net and you can get your money as well as your pain and suffering back with me. I will be taking action within the next two weeks.
  11. This transcends all firmware revisions. 1.02, 1.03, 1.04.1 & 2. I believe it to be a physical issue either making something touch inside or it has to do with static.
  12. Never cut out without pressing the toe switch on the wah pedal. But yes I have had it cut out while playing live, when I pressed the toe switch. I also had to reboot the device to get it back which is very problematic when you are in the middle of a lead and are the only guitar player. I then tried it at home and it would do it 9 times out of 10. I also tried it on a patch without the wah or a toe switch active for any parameter and it still cut out which leads me to believe it may not be software related but you never know. I wanted to return it but I am letting them replace it first. I will keep everyone posted.
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