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  1. Turn off 'auto tone loading' in the settings. Worked for me. Maybe try signing in and out of the app and restarting it again.
  2. How about trying another factory reset? (Although I think a firmware update includes a reset...)
  3. I agree. Mine has been a good fun practice amp with no major issues. I find the inbuilt factory default tones are largely ordinary and need tweaking and that user created cloud tones are often worse (!). However, it's easy to create your own and make them sound pretty good. Ease of use and easy to create tones are the big pluses for the amplifi for me. I use mine with an iPad and the only issue I have with connectivity is when I switch between apps on the iPad (especially changing to a metronome app I use) it can lose the connection to the amplifi sometimes, but it's nothing that can't be fixed by just removing the app from the iPad task switcher and restarting it. On the positive side, because it connects all audio through the amplifi, the sound of my metronome app will play through the amplifi while I practice. I haven't had any problems with connectivity when I just have the amplifi app open and don't switch to other apps. A metronome function in the amplifi app would solve my issue and would be a welcome addition (hint hint to Line 6 if they read this)
  4. Hi, I have no idea why it worked, but what I did was install the latest update, then (if I remember correctly), do a reset to factory settings, turn the amp of and on again and then let it sit there for at least 10-15 minutes with the app open and connected before I tried saving any tones to it. This was pure luck, because I had given up and was just playing guitar for roughly 10-15 mins with the app on just one tone before I tried it again and it just worked. Try leaving it even longer. The other thing worth trying is clicking on the amp icon in the app and seeing if it recognises multiple banks of tones already on the amp. If you don't see lots, then it hasn't finished synching with the app. Not sure I can add anything else, because it just sort of fixed itself.
  5. Blahfingers


    I agree. I'd like a looper, and especially a metronome. At the moment I have to either use a second iOS device to use my metronome app, or exit the amplifi app to use my metronome app and then have to let the Bluetooth re-establish when back in the amplifi app if I want to change anything. It'd be great if they continued to update effects over time.
  6. Yes, I think their site designer could make the link to the ticket a bit more obvious. Yes, I noticed there were a lot of presets stored on the hardware when I was trying to replace them. I wonder if it hadn't finished communicating with the app when I stored my tones to hardware, causing it to crash. Just speculating.
  7. Well, I'm dumb. Turns out you have to click right on the ticket number, not on the ticket title or details (could be highlighted as an active link to be more obvious, though) In any case, for some reason the amp has started to save my tones normally! I have a theory that the presets are sent to the amp each time you start the app and the amp but that the first few times you do it it takes a long time because it hasn't synced before. It usually says, 'cannot save as presets are loading' to stop you saving them before it's ready, but I wonder if it actually was still synching even though the message no longer was coming up. This time I had let the app and amp sit there for 5-10 minutes without changing anything and only saved my tones to the amp after that. Dunno, but maybe that was it.
  8. Yes I tried that. I could see my ticket but clicking on it did nothing. I couldn't see any 'reply' option, but I'll have another look
  9. So I finally got an email back from support with a link to click. I click the link to my support ticket which lists the support ticket ID and then has a line saying 'waiting for customer'. Below that it says it'll close the ticket if I don't reply, but there's no way to reply! I also can't find anywhere else to click to see if there are further details. Great support so far...
  10. Have opened a support ticket. Will update here if they provide a solution
  11. Turns out choosing 'previous firmware versions' lets you re-install the latest as well. I tried that, but still have the same problem....
  12. How do you re flash once it's at the latest version? I get this screen, but clicking on the refresh button or on the picture of the amp doesn't do anything because it is the latest version. I imagine I might be able to reinstall an older version and then the latest on top of it, but haven't yet tried. Is there some other way to force a re-install?
  13. Good to hear it isn't just me. I might email line 6 support if no one else comes up with anything.
  14. Hi, I've installed the app, updated the amp firmware and used the amp successfully. However, when I try the 'save to hardware' for my tones in the first bank, it says it saves successfully and works fine until I turn the amp off. When I turn it back on, I get the flashing 4 tone lights and have to do a reset to factory settings using the tone and volume buttons and a restart to get the amp to work. After that, my previously saved to hardware tones are gone. Any suggestions? I thought about trying to reinstall the device firmware, but can't find a way to do that once it's installed (it says 2.01 or whichever is the latest is installed)
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