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  1. Hopefully not a double post as I wasn't logged in on my previous submit. Anyway, regarding issue number 2 quoted above. I have the same issue. A single cheepie Nektar pedal plugged in, no switch, and some presets see it on exp 1 while most see it on exp 2. All for the wah block. I tried to set all presets to exp 2, but one preset still doesn't see it on exp 2. Global position is set to global. On v3.0 now. Thanks!
  2. Wondering if anyone else has a Roland/Boss controller with expression pedal that is seeing what I'm seeing. The issue is when using the expression pedal sending the info thru on a different midi channel to another device, the data is incomplete, sporadic, or mangled somehow. So, I have 3 amp sims; Axe FXII, 11Rack, and Pod HD Pro (not the X). Each on their own midi channel, of course; channel 2 for the Axe FX2, 11 for the 11 Rack, and 6 for the Line 6 Pod HD Pro. (How clever is that!) Anyway, from Roland FC-300 into Pod, then out/thru to Axe FXII (and or 11 Rack). Everything works for switching, program changes, cc's, etc., but the wah using either expression 1 or 2 on the FC-300, either doesn't go full toe or full heel, or gets stuck; ie not a smooth 0 thru 127. I know the Roland/Boss pedals use Midi Running Status and think this might have something to do with the problem with the HD POD Pro. The same behavior does not occur when using the HD 500 foot controller, but that pedal is starting to break down so need to use the sturdier FC-300. I have a work-around, to go into the 11, then the Axe, and then the HD, but I think somehow a bug needs to be reported to Line 6 regarding the garbled thru of the expression pedal. Maybe the HD doesn't support Running Status at all, I haven't tried just the FC-300 Expression pedal with the HD yet. But this cannot be turned off on the FC-300. (Sorry, I wanted to post and haven't had the time to test the FC-300 Expression pedal with the HD yet since swapping out the 500 for the FC, just assuming that works.) Anyone else notice this issue? Thanks, -c Edit: Since I first posted this, I did verify that the HD POD Pro supports the FC-300 expression pedal running status, BUT it still corrupts the expression data when sent to another device via the THRU midi port. -c
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