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  1. So the fact that I'm here in a 2 year old post looking for solutions is a pretty bad sign... I really don't know what's wrong with my head, but I bought the Amplifi 75 AFTER I had the TT for a while, for some reason thinking It's problems wouldn't necessarily translate. BOTH of these units have been NOTHING but frustration from day one. Now here I sit, unable to edit a tone on either of them, because they won't sync with ANYTHING anymore. I mean they've always been buggy as hell; my 75 left me completely stranded once when it bricked itself at a gig and I couldn't get so much as a squeak out of it until I hooked it up to my laptop and reset everything to default. Now, "Device Not Connected" seems to be a permanent affliction. Yeah, yeah, yeah, update everything, blah blah blah. My iPhone is fully updated. My iPad is fully updated. My wife's android is fully updated. The 75 is fully updated, the TT is fully updated, the UPDATER is fully updated- STILL, NOTHING TALKS TO THESE RED AND BLACK PIECES OF JUNK. I sat down to try to record one little guitar track tonight and instead spent 2 hours screwing with expensive garbage equipment and ended up just bitching on a forum with no answers. Really unleashed my creative potential. Great work Line6. #neveragain
  2. Just wondering if anyone's played with their Sonic Port VX in a "less mobile" application. I've had the VX for a while and have done some recording into Cubase; I love the mics for instruments, but for my uses I found they're too severe for vocals. I've since switched to another mic and a Scarlett 2i2 for vox, but I would like to use the VX for guitar, parallel with my vocal mic for 2 isolated tracks. Cubase will only accept either the VX or the Scarlett at one time, so I'd like to find a way to run the VX just as a plain instrument mic thru the scarlett. I've tried the 1/4" outputs both with a TS and a TRS into the scarlett with no luck...
  3. I've had one for about 2 months, and honestly the Bluetooth has been buggy since day 1, but I just had the same issue you did 2 nights ago too. In the morning it was fine, then a few hours later, there I am setting up for practice the night before a 250+ person gig and my amp is a brick. Eventually figured out it wanted an update, but for a while I was all but convinced it was fried. I couldn't do anything about it since I've never been able to update it from my android (annoying). Also, every time I've tried to update via my Windows 10 pc, I get a "file corrupt" error. So my hail Mary was to connect it to my ipad and it finally worked after like 3 tries. Long story short, I'd be surprised if your iPhone can't get the job done, but If not, iPads seem to be the only things that can reliably communicate with these amps, and if it doesn't work the first time, give it another shot. Anyway, I've got a real bone to pick with Line6 for forcing me into a mandatory update with zero options. I was totally screwed for the entire practice. If it had been a night later I would have been standing in front of a full room like an idiot. The worst part is, my hope was that maybe this update was going to fix the annoying Bluetooth data disconnect problem it's always had, but I think it's made it worse! I had an awful time trying to connect all weekend and it still loses its data connection every time I change tones. I really like the concept. I was very impressed with the sound I get out of a small, totally digital package. But these things have some serious bugs and Line6 needs to get on top of it quick.
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