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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by "set to be pre", but I have my meters set to show input. The meters on the ux2 go up a little more when I put the gain to 3 o'clock and it's a bit louder, still a bit to quiet from what i've seen others experience, but it's not as crisp now. I'm guessing that's just a side affect of raising the gain. Mic 3 oclock.mp3 No effects Mic 3 oclock effects.mp3 Studio Vocal Preset Any tips on making it sound a bit cleaner? Perhaps a noise gate or equalizer? Edit: added mic test with Studio vocal preset
  2. Yes. The +48v button is on and my UX2 level meters are registering my mic. I turned on the DUAL button in Pod Farm and set the second input to "Same as tone A". It is a little better now, but it still comes out pretty quiet.
  3. So recently purchased my AT2035 and Line 6 UX2. While I have some knowledge of audio interfaces, I find myself a bit lost when it comes to my microphone's specific issue. I have found that the microphone levels are very low and even with a volume boost it sounds rather low quality. I have tested my mic with no presets and it sounds very quiet reaching only roughly around -25 db. I have also tested various presets and have found using the default studio vocal preset to be the best; a bit louder, but still very quiet. It may also be important to note that the Mic 1/L Gain is in this position: Below I have posted screenshots of my UX2 audio interface and have given a small audio sample. The first half of the audio file is with no pre-amps or effects added and the second half contains the default studio vocal preset. I still believe the mic to be too quiet and am at a loss as to what is causing this. Any help is greatly appreciated! Mic.mp3
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