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    Moving or Re-Assigning Snapshots ???

    Thanks, that sorted out my problem too!
  2. ldp645

    Snapshot not saving drive between different Snaps?

    Thank you. You cleared up my query with this explanation too.
  3. ldp645

    User folder

    I seem to have accidentally deleted 'Preset user 2' folder. I don't quite know how, but there is now no user 2 folder... Any thoughts please? Can I re-create a user 2 folder, or do I have to factory reset the whole unit?
  4. ldp645

    IR's versus Helix cab sims

    Excuse me posting a question on an old thread. I have owned a Helix for just over a week, and am wondering, what's the formula, using a Helix cab, OR a third party IR, OR both at the same time? Is it supposed to be one or the other, but not both?
  5. ldp645


    I'm a new Helix user. Does anyone know why you can only insert a red squeeze compressor in certain places in the chain? Sometimes when I try & select it, it is dim and is unavailable to select. I'm sure there's a simple answer... lol