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  1. no but use the neck pickup with tone rolled down for best results
  2. the latest update has fixed the issue for me - all good now
  3. When I first got the Helix I was massively unimpressed with the fuzz However, like in the real world, the fuzzes, especially the arbiter, want to be first in the chain and "see" the guitar pickups I have found the key is to use the fuzz first in line with the button to switch it on & off also mapped to swap between auto impedance (when fuzz on) and 1m (when fuzz off) This way you get the right impedance when the fuzz is on and when the fuzz is off you get a normal clean tone with weird no loss of treble When you use a fuzz with a higher impedance, the tone will be ulta - fizzy and not real world YMMV
  4. just been on the L6 helix facebook page and this should be addressed in 2.81
  5. Well done on spotting this - I have been having the same issue since upgrading to 2.8 i have a support ticket open and have forwarded your info hopefully they will sort a bug fix ASAP
  6. I had the same - try a really quick push of the button - if you push it in slow, it will not respond
  7. Hi all - FYI I have logged a ticket with Line 6 over my issue with randomly the slight reduction of volume when switching patches - they have just asked me to send over my last backup so that they can try to replicate it at their end - everything else seems ok with 2.8 for me
  8. I am having the same issue : have tried all sorts of factory resets etc but I get a fading in and lower volume intermittently I have logged a support ticket with Line 6 Although frustrating, I am sort of glad to know it is not just me !!!!!
  9. Hi - did a re-start with re-build and it still does it
  10. Hi - updated to 2.8 last night and all seemed to go ok - However, once I loaded in all of my presets and then scrolling through my own presets I noticed some odd behaviour - there seems to be like a fade in of volume when switching patches and then the patch doesn't sound quite as loud as it should - if I hit the button again then it goes back to normal - it seems to do it intermittently and not every time Anyone else getting this ???
  11. Where in the chain do you recommend I place a tremolo block for best results - before the amp like a stomp pedal or after the amp??? Cheers in advance
  12. green back 25 cab, 121 ribbon mic, 6 inches back and some generous room reflections
  13. Although the new Cali Texas and Placater are amazing, I have fallen for the Derailed Ingrid - using the 25 greenback cab, my Strat has never sounded so good I set it up quite dirty and then use a gain block to reduce the gain by 10 db for cleaner tones and then another block for a lead boost - sounds amazing and my absolute "new favourite" !!! Now I have found the way to make the helix sound good through headphones at home, I am so lovin this little black box of magic
  14. i use this :
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