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  1. I don't think is so hard to have a decent live sound with Pod hd500 the first thing is to try to reproduce the sounds in your head of real amps that you had dial in the past For example, during many years i played a jcm 800 modded so when i started to dial with the pod , this was my base to reproduced that real sound in Frfr.. So the "plexi" was the best for what i seraching for , after i make a screamer for more sustain and ...etc .. step by step :-) I think to approche real sound you have to cut some bass (120hz) and bright (presence) (6khz) in real amps + real cabs with mics you don't have so many low bass and harsh bright You have to boost med (700hz) because modelisation didn't have anymore medium The problem with all modelisation processors is tweakin, tweaking, tweakin duurrinngg maaannnyy timmmeeee !!! :-) Here is an example of what i did with the POD HD500 in Frfr : Good Luck :-) Bertrand
  2. Thanks Guys ! Pianoguyy, at 1,05 you can stealthily seen the hd500 in is floorboard next to my dunlop wylde wha
  3. it's possible, i will share it during the next week because i play 4 days in a row.. :-) But you could believe me , it's the HD500 !! :-)
  4. Hi guys, i'm new in the forum, Just post this topic because sometimes i read people have difficulties to make a good marshall plexi sound but i don't think its so much hard to make it if you use the good things.. I had a marshall jcm 800 modded , so i reproduce in hear what i heard in the real marshall.. Here is a video that i posted yesterday on youtube to give a live example in FrFr : Here what i use : screamer : bass 100 - tone 75 - treble 90 - drive 35 - output 75 univibe : speed : 2.0 hz - depth 52 - mix 100 Plexi lead 100 brt : drive 100 - bass 100 - mid 100 - treble 100 - pres 70 - ch vol 46 - e.r 10 421 dynamic mic - 4x12 Greenback 25 amp parameter : master 100 - sag 50 - hum 50 - bias 100 - bias x 50 cab parameters : low cut 110HZ - res lev 60 - thump 100 - decay 50 Dt : class a/b - topology 2 -triode mode an REALLY IMPORTANT : studio eq : lo freq 700hz +5db - hi freq 400hz +3 db - gain -3db Because real amps have a lot of 700hz and modelisation not enough and the 400hz because in Frfrf (with my pair of RCF 312a mk2- you don't have enough 400hz.... Some delays and you are on the TOP !! Enjoy it Billy https://www.reverbnation.com/billzproject
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