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  1. I understand what you say DI but spillover and instant patch-change to me are two fundamental features. I know that isn't true for many people but I know other players think the same as me. I understand that a true spillover through patches is too demanding in terms of dsp power but the scene mode (as featured on fractal products) will achieve booth spillover and seamless blend between tones. I'm really confident that you will find a way to implement a nice scene mode to the Helix. I think this is the only real lack of an otherwise incredible machine.
  2. Hi line6 staff. I was searching for the scene-mode submission to check the status and was not able to find it. Then I've discovered that it is not categorized under "Helix" but under a more generic "effect/processors" category. Can the category be reassigned to "Helix" in order to make it more visible for the users who browse throgh the idea scale Helix threads? link: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Helix-Scene-Mode/727231-23508 Thankyou so much!
  3. I'm referring to the fact that, when you change the patch, the Helix doesn't mantain the spillover of the delay (and reverbs). So, for example, the repetitions of the delay disappear as soon as you change the patch. I can understand that for many people this is not a big issue, but, for my playing style, it is. For example in more than one song I pass, without a pause, from a quite wet lead sound to a very simple clean. This passage, without spillover is not that great. And I can't solve with footswitch mode because one of the reason I love multifx is that I don't need to tip-tap thorught switches and, once again, for my sounds, I should activate and deactivate 4-5 pedals every time at the same time... no way! :) Neighter A/B mode is a big deal because I have at least 3 (sometimes also 4) sound for each song. I'm confident that the guys at line6 will found a solution for this issue. I can see a great work and passion for the new Helix and it's quite clear to me that their intention was and still is to make the best pedalboard possibile and to listen to the customers feedback very carefully.
  4. The reason why, at the moment, Helix interest me very much but I don't even consider buying one. Tc electronic stuff do have tails. So Boss. So strymon pedals, Fractal new boards and Kemper also do have tails. We don't need authentic tails (I know that many of the brands I have mentioned use workarounds to give the illusion of tails... and they work), we only need smooth passages throught sounds and no brutal stop of the delay repetitions. I'm confident this will be featured in a future update.
  5. Yes, I've searched on the forum and I found something that I didn't remeber, that their "standard" cabs are IR based. My fault. Anyway, to be honest, from the clips I've listened too, they sound something in the between to the pod HD cabs and the IR cabs I generally use. Same kinda compressed mids and no so real hights that feature any "simulated" cabs (POD, Amplitube etc). Maybe they are just the demos, maybe they are the cabs itself (and in the future they will be tweaked), maybe is the tecnology to have some limit. Really can't tell. For this reason I would like to listen to some good demos with genuine third party IRs like the redwirez: I know that they sound awesome and I'm very confident they could represent a big step up from the basic sound (that, to me, it's already good but, at least from what I heard, not revoutionary from the HD series). Hope I explained better my point.
  6. Could not agree more. I'm 100% with you. It surprise me that every demo I've see to date always featured modelled cabs and not IRs. With modelled cabs the tone will always sound kinda artificial, but I'm very confident that with IRs the new Helix will compete with fractals great tones (I consider kemper a product of another category, with its pros and cons).
  7. I'm looking for this. Please post some demos because IR cabs are the real deal to make things sound authentic!
  8. Same feeling here. I have just sold a guitar and I have 1500 bucks ready for the beast, but I won't buy a multifx that cuts the delay tails (this can easly achieved by implementing a "scene" mode like featured in the fractal's products). Once solved this issue I'll buy the Helix in a minute because in the other aspects it seems to me the floarboard of the future without a real competitor feature-wise. I will be very happy to hear an inside voice (Digital Ingloo? Someone else?) that can assure me that this feature will be added in the near future (yes, I voted and commented it on ideascale!). :)
  9. Many of us already voted the scene mode (Fractal-way) on ideascale. If you will implement a proper scene-mode (see Fractal FX-8 or Axe-Fx II) there will be no need for spillover through patches for the 99% of the customers. This is the ultimate solution for spillover and patch-change latency problems. :) No need of extra power, only programming because you basically remain in one patch and you select for each footswitch wich effects are on and wich are off. So no toggling effects (as in footswitch mode) but a more flexible and smart way to change sounds: when you pass from fs1 to fs2 for example, fs1 shuts down so you can recall only the effects you need without any tip-tap.
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