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  1. Thank you for responsing UX2 is my default device and also I disable my Realtek onboard sound card. As your advise, I plugged it to USB 2.0 port and it didnt work at all! Also when I unplug my interface, first I close all DAW which are open. Even I look in Task Manager in order to be sure that all programs which use sound card are closed!
  2. Hello friends I'm new here and I don't know whether I write in right topic or not I have a UX2 interface for 3 years and I have some problems with it. I use it for arranging music Sometimes when I use some VSTs, audio drops and after closing and reopening DAW (cubase or sonar), it can't detect ASIO UX2 and I must restart computer Other problem is that many times when I unplug and plug its USB, windows freezes and I must reset it. why unpluging interface must cause problems? I update my drivers via line 6 monkey Must I change my interface? This is my computer's features: CPU: Core i5 4440 RAM: 4*4 (16) GB Motherboard: Asus H97 Pro Windows 7 x64 Thanks
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