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  1. FMatzen

    Helix and Fishman Tripleplay

    That's exactly what I did but it doesn't work for me. I'm trying to get the Tripleplay update so when I do maybe it will finally work. Thanks.
  2. FMatzen

    Helix and Fishman Tripleplay

    So I'm geeking out my gear completely. Variax, Helix and Tripleplay. My issue is getting Helix to send program changes to Tripleplay. It has it's own channel in Helix and I set up the volume as a fade from guitar to synth or back. I've tried INSTANT from the Command Center but can't get it to move synth patches when the Helix changes patches. I could use some insight on this. I can't be the only one who is doing this. BTW I haven't tried to do any other MIDI controller settings yet. This is all going through a PC laptop.