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  1. do you know that certain "date" in U.S ?
  2. is there a expiration date on this " Limited Time Only" $99 Fully Loaded Bundle Pack. It says Limited Time Only.
  3. I need some explanation on this product . I use to own this product, and bought the Line 6 Metal pack. But sold the hd500x. Can i reuse this on a new hd500x ( Metal Pack ) ? Also, i noticed that some web site mention the line 6 hd500x includes the " Now includes the HD Fully Loaded Amp Bundle - a $99 Value ", are all the hd500x have this or what exactly does this mean thanks for any help
  4. So is it better to have Balanced xlr's ? I see the PODHD500 has balanced and researching if the Helix has balanced xlr;s
  5. Is there anything on the Helix that might have "INSANE" from the Spider amps ?
  6. I been researching this to get and answer, does the Spider V 240 has the XLR on back to send to powered JBL speakers for stage ? Thanks,
  7. Does the Helix LT come with these amps already loaded when you buy it ? thankyou
  8. He is a pic that is in the Line 6 HD PRO X rack Pilots Guide. What I mean is when you buy it, there are presets done by factory that are already made. I think one might be " Double Down", but in picture its 03a Son Of Plexi
  9. Does anyone have the list of presets? Is " Son of Plexi" on the rack as a preset ?
  10. I own a Spider iv 150, but looking to upgrade. Question: I don't live gig, don't have a lot of brain to mix, edit, do patches,etc.. However love the line 6 metal and high gain presets already presets.i bought a HD500X,but returned it,complicated to understand.The spider V presets sound good on line 6 Web page. Looks simple.dont care about the acoustic part of this amp. What one should I get ?
  11. I live the factory tones in the V , but hate like heck to have to buy the 5, if I can just update.
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