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  1. Hello guys. I believe you need the line 6 updater software for the firmware not the monkey
  2. Well I am new to this I have the spider 4 75w for about a year now. I was planning on getting the mk2 but i got the fbv3 instead. This is actually the first time i got any kind of foot board with amp. But what i am curious about is that it seems that when i hit A B C or D it will mot change when i want it to. it seems like it would just change with one tap. Should I have just gotten the MK2 with the spider 4? The web site i got this from said it was compatible with it too. But It seems like a headache. It really isn't helping me much. Only giving me more frustration. I am honestly struggling to get the pedal lite to turn green for the wah. I mean it saves to where i save the settings and it reads from what I am controlling on the amp but if i hit any button or try to scroll effects it seems to go haywire. is there a certain touch to this. And I am also a first time spider edit user and its not picking up the amp through the fbv3. All of my driver are up to date on the motherboard. In fact its almost brand new I built the pc myself and everything works great. I am hoping maybe someone can help me with this
  3. Man I can't get it to hardly work at all. I have ti hit the buttons several time with my foot. When I try to get it to scroll It does not navigate very easily. I am trying to get it to work with the spider 4 75w. This is actually the first foot controller i have purchased since I have owned this amp. For the first time I am using the spider 4 edit and my computer will not reconize the amp through the board at all. Is it always that hard to hit a switch on these foot controls?
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