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  1. I'm doing a Royal Blood tribute and need more blocks than are available in one Helix Floor to make it sound right. The presets in marketplace are not close enough and/or not versatile enough to handle everything in an authentic way. There is not enough DSP in a single Helix Floor. I'm trying to decide on multiple helixes or build a pedalboard from individual pedals or ?????? Please help! Thanks.
  2. Tochiro: I missed this post and replied to you in your other thread. Sorry to hear about 2nd unit. I went through three and then gave up.
  3. Tochiro: Please let us know how your second G10 works out. I want to like this product...
  4. jdeano70 - I had the exact same problem with three in a row. Gave up. There must be a bad batch or something.
  5. Yes, the latest firmware has been installed. After speaking with Line 6 and Sweetwater, I've decided to return all my G10 units. Thanks.
  6. This is the third G10 that I have tried. It works as expected for the first few days and then the transmitter will constantly flash red after a single yellow then green flash. Video attached. Anybody else having this problem and perhaps a solution? Thanks.
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