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  1. MysticalMoonMan

    POD UX2 is constantly monitoring my mic

    Does anyone have a fix for this? I have a headset that constantly monitors the mic when I have PodFarm running. Everything is connected to my UX2, and I have the monitor settings turned off on Windows. Any help? I can't see the picture.
  2. MysticalMoonMan

    Podfarm, UX2, and Windows 10

    I am using the UX2 and the program update they just did made it to where the program actually runs. BUT it is still not reading my mic. It's getting a little annoying there is no patch or anything that just "works". I don't want to have to do work around or anything, I just want to open the program for the interface to work thats it. The only fix for most of us is just to sadly revert back to Win 8.1. I don't want to have to purchase another interface, but it's looking like it if this issues is not fixed by the end of the month.