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  1. I just got my fbv3 yesturday still trying to figure out how to set all channels ABCD to same volume so from dirty to clean sound the same, is there not a global setting like a Fractal?
  2. FBV3- can someone please make a quick cheatsheet on how once you make you own tone on how to save it to footcontroller, a global settng how too so all your channels are at the same volume.
  3. Hello, this should work for my fractal aswell? Right now i have 2 xlr outs of the fractal , what should they be hooked into? The far left inputs or the middle ones. The fractal and helx are both preamps so i hope it would be the same thanks for the help, and i love the 1500 as is. Might get rid of the fractal lol.
  4. Well can you use bluetooth headphones? I think if there was more of a manual, than a 3 page quickstart all these kinds of questions wouldnt be asked.
  5. Can you buy and upload amp packs and cabs? 😎
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