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  1. Just updated the FX100. Now my Ampli 75 and my FX100 work perfectly well...So happy!!!, I have to admit that these products are great, amazing...
  2. Thanks for the update Line 6, my Amplifi 75 works very well, ... finally!! I missed something or the update for the FX100 is not yet released?
  3. Thanks michaelawalker! If they could not learn a lesson though all of this, personally I learned the lesson, which is to change my way each time I encounter Line 6 products.
  4. Line 6, where is the update??? Please at least let us know for how many times more should we wait....At least give us the status...tell us something, please communicate!!! Is that really that diffcult to treat properly the costumers, unbealivable...
  5. So, for when is this update? I am the owner of both Amplifi 75 and FX 100, I really want to get rid of them (to much problem) but frankly I feel too guilty to go sell a product I know USELESS. Really frustrated!!!
  6. Thanks a lot sdzimmerman... !!! a VERY VERY angry Customer from Madagascar
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