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  1. Hey Solving, How do you like the Mustang III? I've been shopping the full on tube route myself but curious to hear.
  2. phil_m I don't think that Line 6 wants to screw people over as you say. However I work for a guest service industry and Line 6 is doing a very poor job here. They should bring in a special team to work on this Amplifi project. Spend money get it done. Saying its takes long for Apple to process new apps is BS. Apple will expedite an app if asked. Apple also sends out beta apps so that they can be tested to avoid problems such as these. My personal feeling is that Line 6 was stretched thin because the release of Helix was falling behind. The APP update and a serious Firmware update should happen asap. Mine Amplifi hasn't worked properly for nine months. Compensation This is a big one. Line 6 has many many frustrated guitar players. Guitar players are the most relaxed people until someone tries to take advantage of them. This is how I and I suspect many other Amplifi owners feel. We have been put on the back burner. I will leave this up to Line 6 but I have large expectations. Thank you
  3. Moderato I agree with with you. I too had money set aside ready to buy HELIX before all this Amlpifi crap started happening. No way in hell now. I've been playing all kinds of tube amps and really playing guitar instead turning knobs to find a sound. Funny thing. I dragged out my Pod X3 Live which actually doesn't sound too bad and started going back over emails as to why I stopped using it. USB issues the X3 Lives were plaged with them. The USB would drop out intermittently. Wait a minute. Isn't that what that Amplifi is doing except it's Bluetooth this time? This along with the iOS update that is taking forever. Holy Crap Line 6 what is going on here?
  4. I downloaded Bias FX for my iPad and am running it through my studio monitors. I am really impressed by the sound. Also pulled out my Vox ac4tv and remember how good it sounds. Gotta try other things as I can't play my Amplifi 75. Seriously shopping for a new amp. Thinking about going back to old school with pedals and a bigger tube amp. Maybe a Traynor or an Orange. Ideas? I really feel that when and if this app update comes there are going to be more isssues. The Bluetooth dropout etc. Beyond frustrated. Line 6 user since Pod 2.0
  5. I had months of Bluetooth dropout issues with my Amplifi 75 which seemed to go away with the last app update. Yes I updated to the latest iOS as I always do. Longer battery life etc and now no Amplifi at all. Very frustrating. Even Lindedin has updated their app. I pulled my old Pod X3 Live out and found out the Line 6 no longer allows me to download tones to it. There isn't any software to support the device anymore. It was the best five years ago. My belief is that all of their energy is going towards getting Helix out on time. It is due at the end of summer, days away. This is a product that I was seriously thinking of buying. But with this lack of customer service I think that my money is best spent elsewhere. It's very unfortunate as I was very excited about the Helix. Five years from now I might have a board that I can't download tones too.
  6. There was an update to the IOS app several days ago. My Amplifi seems to be working fine since the update knock on wood. I have not sent it in for service.
  7. My Amplifi 75 has had serious Bluetooth dropouts. I found with the latest app update iOS it seems to be ok. I haven't played it more than 15 minutes but it was fine. In the past if I was playing along with a guitar instructional video I think the wifi would cause it to quit. This was what I bout the Amplifi to do, practice. Hopefully the problems are done with. I did sent in a ticket and was told to sent on the amp for repair. It is 9 months old and I believe the problem is software. Still thinking about trading it in on something more stable.
  8. My Amplify 75 is doing the same thing. I sent in a service ticket and was told to send in the amp to be fixed. It's eight months old! The issue happens with my iPhone and iPad and yes the bluetooth connection is still there. The issue is indeed a line 6 bug. Very frustrated as I can't use the amp. Loved it when it worked. Thinking about trading it for something else.
  9. Thank you for the replies. How can I access the presets from my iPad? I've looked under tones but can't find them. I have tried rebooting the amp by holding down the tone and volume button while powering on still no go. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Just picked up an amplifi 75. I have it connect to my ipad via the app. How do I access these 25 banks of a b c d presets? I'd love to try them out. Thank you.
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