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  1. In case of use or interest to anyone, here's an updated spreadsheet containing everything in 3.15. If anyone has any corrections/comments, gratefully received - and if anyone does, I salute their superior OCD! Helix 3.15 - amp, cabs & effects list.xlsx
  2. I'm currently running my Helix LT straight into headphones. No real amp/cab. I've just bought a Strymon Big Sky reverb unit and am trying to figure out the best routing. In the real world, I'd be using my Marshall JCM 800, so would take the signal out via its loop after the pre-amp, into the Strymon, then back into the amp's power amp stage. As the Helix LT doesn't have separate pre-amp and power amp blocks, I can't replicate that routing, so the nearest I can get to that is putting the effects loop block between the amp block and the cab (or IR) block. Is there a better way to do it? Sorry for the basic question, but this is the first time since I got my Helix that I've been trying to use an external effects pedal other than right at the front.
  3. This may be what you're looking for. Posted by another member, so I claim no credit! 20.11.26 Helix 3.0 - amp, cabs & effects list.xlsx
  4. @Bboy19 Thanks for posting this. I was waiting for you to do this, as I downloaded the last one you posted back in April. Shall we take a bet on how long it takes chasingMango and rd2rk to post tweaked versions of your list, as they did last time around! For now, at least, my OCD is satisfied. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks to the OCD guys and the spreadsheets. It annoys me that Line 6 don't update the manual when they come up with an update, so I was about to create my own spreadsheet (victim of my own OCD) until I came across this thread
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