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  1. Hi Equilibrium_606, yes, I am using Helix as the foot controller for Ableton, to loop guitar and eventually vocals. I recently figured out how to use the "Looper" effect on a track, and that seems to work well, to loop/overdub/clear. I am now researching how to set a footswitch on Helix to cause a fadeout on the Master of Ableton, so all the tracks I have playing will slowly fade out. This seems to sound better than stopping them, abruptly. I haven't figured this out yet. If you have any insight on assigning a footswitch on Helix to MasterFade Ableton, that'd be very appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Equilibrium_606, that was super helpful! Did you ever make the videos? I would love to check them out. How are you going about over dubbing?
  3. May someone help me? I would like to route my Macbook (2015) USB out to Helix USB In, and have it route to a mixing board, but not go through the Effects Path, and not through my Guitar Amps. Is that possible? For example, I would like to have Ableton playing on my computer, going into Helix via USB, and then out to the Mixing Board via one of Helix's outputs, while still routing my guitar into Helix Guitar In, through the Effects Path to 1/4 Output Left to 1st Amp and 1/4 Output Right to 2nd Amp. I don't want Ableton coming through my amps, but still coming through to the Mixing Board. Does that make sense? Guitar > Helix > Amp 1 & Amp 2 Macbook > Helix > Mixing Board Is it possible to do this while still using both DSP Paths for guitar? Or do I need to use one of those DSP paths for USB / Macbook, even though I won't use any effects? I thought about doing it this way, but I don't have enough DSP to fit all my effect on one path. If anybody has any insight on how to do this, I would be super grateful. Thanks!
  4. This tone is great! Thank you JazzInc! I am curious, is it possible to get this tone without using so many blocks? I need to add more effects to this patch but don't have the DSP and routing space. I absolutely love the John Mayer / Two Rock clean tone and have been using your tricks / settings to get close, but can't get as sweet of a tone as your exact patch. Does it really take blending the 2 amps (twin & deluxe reverb) to get there? Apparently so, but thought I would ask. I will keep trying. Thanks again for the great patch and insight.
  5. I just encountered the BSOD. I have been using Helix for about 2 weeks. I updated to the 10.02.2 about a week ago. I have had several rehearsals with it, tweaked it plenty, and unfortunately did not backup my presets. I have 2 gigs this weekend, kicking myself right now. From what I have read, the only way to correct the BSOD is to reboot to factory settings? Is this the only way?
  6. Has anyone used the Looper or seen videos posted on the Looper? Has anyone used the Wah sounds?
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