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  1. That's so big! eheh :) And I've been told that only a few work with Helix, based on some chip :P
  2. Thanks for you answer Phil, Well, I'm really looking for a MIDI controller capable of triggering Helix presets and a additional Expression Pedal. DO you know any? Low budget? I will rarely use it, that's why I don't want to spent a lot of cash..
  3. But, it is possible to change presets in Helix, controlling with M5? My meaning is... in some venues, without stage space, I can use M5 in front of me just to trigger 2 ou 3 snapshots plus a Expression pedal. So, M5 Master - Helix Slave in midi behavior. Is this possible? Thanks
  4. Thank you! for sure it is the best option to go! I feel the some "acidentally activation" of capacitance features. And it was a great idea get the taller ones in the Up line and the small in the first row. In that configuration, it is 120$... but... thanks again in sharing the pics and know how / xp.
  5. Can you please post some pictures? I've found another ones, Mooer Candy Foot switch Topper, but they don't attach by screws, so, doubt about preserving capacitive in the buttons. But they are cheaper. <1€ http://www.mooeraudio.com/?product/201609235251.html
  6. Hi, such a nice work! Congratulations. Could you please, share the measures? how much cm / meter wood do I need to buy to build something like this to Helix and the up Shaft for G10 and ext 3 mission expression pedal? Thanks!
  7. I've the exact same problem here. I've test and done every step and solutions... the last hope, I will send it to factory, problem is, I bought it in Thomann online so, Week or two for get it back in Thomann than, refund money, buy another, wait delivery etc. Hope that after this, I will get a no faulty unit!
  8. Where did you put the G10 now? In top? in that velcro?
  9. Hi there, I bought a Helix Floor, but, i'm thinking about changing for RACK unit, As I saw that RACK have AES /EBU In.. What I want to know is, with AES/EBU IN can I chain L6 link cable? I use live, M20d L6 link out, to l3s sub, than two l2t than 1 l3t as floor monitor. So, can I Bypass L6 through Helix RACK? in the one cable Chain? I'm trying to get the most of L6 link as I have full DreamStage. Will AES/EBU in and AES/EBU out of Helix RACK work as L6 in and L6 out in the L3 Speakers? Thanks Cheers
  10. This is why I still use my godin with Boss GP-10, the lower strings get a real sound bass. But, I want to let the GP-10 at home, giging only with helix... this topic is a way to go.. Help us out guys ;)
  11. Hi there guys, sorry if this topic already exists, but, I've read so many, that I can't think straight. I'm a guitar player, playing 95% in wedding events. So, Helix, can be my next rig for Acoustic and electric gigs. But, my mains problem is... Helix protection - as a big investment she is ;) So, my ideia is, can I have Helix pedal controled by a cheap MIDI controller? like the ones from beringer etc.? Laying the helix foot controler in the ground, where sometimes, a weeding guest can drop some drink or their feet.. make my heart explode :) I'm aware of the Rack edition, but, it is heavier and more expensive.. as I also need the extra hardware, I don't have any rack etc... So, please, help me out here... Thank you :D Regards
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